Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Will it be a Cheer or Jeer for Indian Real Estate Market in 2014?

Looking at the unprecedented rise in prices one would imagine that all is hunky dory with real estate market in Pune and India. Well yes, even though the real estate sector seems to be a lucrative business and investment opportunity, currently, there are many factors influencing the market. How will 2014 augur for real estate in India? We take a look!

Slow and Steady
If not on a rampage, the sales have been steady. The good news though is that sales will not be stagnated. The increasing prices are a concern, though. That is being attributed to the sector being largely capital driven.

Profits, Viability Etc
According to a real estate portal, to get variable returns on investments for short-term profitability in 2014, expending on rentals, retail outlets and commercial avenues is the best option. Spending wisely and with discretion is the key to deal with real estate market in the future.

Determining Factors
Cautious spending and investment by buyers/investors is being voiced as a concern Pune real estate and in the overall market across the country. Likewise, Political uncertainty, liquidity issues and high interest rates are a few other factors which could have an impact on the market.

Pune Market
India’s real estate market till some time back was dominated by Mumbai Metropolitan Region and National Capital region. Soon enough it was saturated and markets like Pune and Bengaluru started being tapped by developers. There was a huge influx of funds in Bengaluru and Pune real estate. The cities witnessed about 20% price rise in 2012-13. That is even when their only factor driving real estate, IT sector, was sluggish.

Plus, the fact that Pune’s outskirts are developing rapidly, gives homebuyers a chance to own good quality suburban residences. So there is still hope, for those who are looking to buy apartments in Pune! Be on the lookout!

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