Monday, 29 June 2015

Princetown Royal – A Royalty for All

Princetown Royal @ NIBM, Road, Pune
How would it be, if all of us could have the access to Royal Luxuries in life?

Well, Pune is a city that has royal homes that are latest pick for people who want luxurious living!

Yes! Kumar Properties, one of the largest players of real estate industry in Pune, is now providing people with luxurious 3 BHK apartments, where luxury resides in its purest form and project that anchors its philosophy on making royalty achievable to everyone. Princetown Royal by Kumar Properties is one such residential project that will change your way of living.

3 BHK Luxury Condominiums @ Pune
A space designed with all the precision to reflect a lifestyle that stands out from the crowd, and speaks the elegance with comfort of high standards. The spaces have been designed while paying utmost attention to each and every minute detail, beginning from the stage of conceptualization till the end of implementation of the concept.

These 3 BHK apartments release the air of regality and stately charm in every aspect depicting exclusivity. The project is located at NIBM-Corinthian Club Road, Pune is one of the localities in high demand for property in Pune. Accurately planned and crafted with excellent designing skills along the theme of a linear 8 acre landscape. Creating a residential space with perfectly balanced living environment, Kumar Properties has catered provision by integrating function, aesthetics and utility in all the areas of their construction in Princetown Royal.

Kumar Properties is now expanding its patron list through its prestigious projects that deliver living experiences which give customers complete value of their money. 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Top 5 ideas to make your Father feel special on Father’s Day

Father’s Day - A perfect day to express our gratitude and love for him, who brought us into this beautiful world and the best guide ever!

Just like on mother’s day we look for ideas to impress our moms and make them feel special, this Father’s day too you can take up some of the best ideas to make your father feel special on Father’s day, and express your love for him in a unique way! 

On Father's Day, gifts are the perfect way to express your love for your dad. To surprise him, choose an attractive gift to show him he is special.

Here are a few ideas that you can use in order to surprise your Dad and make him happy (some of these are shared by a 12 year old daughter of one of our Marketing Managers):
  1. You could get your father something that is useful, like a new tool set if he likes tinkering around.
  2. You could also get him accessories for his car, an electric razor, a magazine subscription, new shoes, computer accessories, a personal organizer, and the list goes on. Fathers tend to prefer gifts that are high on utility value for example, a wallet. Gifts with options to personalize names or emboss pictures on them are also available and best capture the significance of the day!
  3. Father's day greetings will also make your dad feel appreciated. To honor and express your gratitude you can amuse him with a handmade greeting card on Father's Day.
  4. Inspirational Father's Day quotes and poems are another popular choice to express love and relive the wonderful moments that the two of you have shared. Sending a Father's Day SMS or text message is also a lovely way to mark this beautiful occasion. 
  5. Pick an imaginative and humorous greeting card that carries a touching message or you can send colorful animated Happy Father's Day e-greetings cards that can be edited at your convenience and are available for free on some websites.

So, on this Father's Day 2015 say 'Thank You' to your dear dad for his love, and support in many different ways.

We sincerely express our gratitude and best wishes to all the fathers out there who helped us taking forward our very first step in this world. A very happy Father’s Day!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Kumar Prithvi- A premium lifestyle that will make you proud

Kumar Properties has been one of the largest players in the real estate market in Pune. The group aims at delivering living spaces that satisfy all the needs of the potential buyer. Speaking of the projects, Kumar group has established as many as 28 projects in Pune, where people are living a life that has all the basic amenities to comfort them.

Kumar Properties, with its completion of over one million sq. ft. of construction, today has over 27000 satisfied and happy customers on their list. The group has become a brand that commands a premium over other real estate developers. With an objective to provide complete solutions to clients, the group has become a symbol of trust and integrity built through its superior quality work, timely project completion and personalized services.

Kumar Prithvi Marketyard Annexe Pune
Kumar Prithvi @Marketyard Annexe, Pune.
KumarPrithvi is one of the residential projects by the Kumar Properties in Pune, located in the well connected area of Marketyard Annexe. The project reflects a premium lifestyle that most of us desire to have. You can choose between the 2 and 3 BHK apartments with well facilitated amenities and modern features. Often we dream of a home with all the luxuries and amenities while we step out to look for a complete manifestation of our dream homes, we either don’t find it in the locality we wish to settle in, or if we find a property similar to what we want, it doesn’t fit into our budget.

However, having a home at Kumar Prithvi has its own benefits. The location is closely linked to Market Yard and the Mumbai- Bengaluru Highway and connects easily to the interior of the city such as Camp, Katraj, Bibwewadi and Satara Road which makes it feasible for people within a reasonable range of price. The project is crafted to provide a good life to the residents through its contemporary way of elevation, and thoughtful layout with its design. More than 300 families at Kumar Prithvi`s Phase-I are already enjoying its benefits. Now, it`s your turn! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

For those who wants to explore Pune, and its surroundings. Just read on!

Pune, a beautiful city surrounded by mountains crowning the serene locations on the outskirts of the city, is well known for its historical forts and famous hill stations in India. This attracts trek lovers and people who love visiting picturesque locations for photography, and exploring natural beauty in leisure time. 

Out here, the climate is very pleasant in most of the times. Pune also, referred as Deccan Odyssey, and popular for its rich culture. Exploring various places during the monsoon season is the perfect holiday activity for many nature lovers. The city surrounding is being covered in green, the magical aroma, and the awesome climate makes a best combination for you to set out on an expedition to get around Pune.

Here are some of the prime locations you SHOULD NOT miss, while you step out to discover best locations:

Sinhagad Fort: A historical fort located around 4300 ft above sea level on the Sahyadri hills, which was originally named as Kondana. Located 30 Km southwest from the city of Pune, the fort has been the site of many important arenas, and Battle of Sinhagad in 1670 is one of them. Natural protection given by its steep slopes, the walls and bastions were constructed at only key places, and the fort has two gates namely, the “Kalyan Darwaza” in the south-east, while the other one is “Pune Darwaza” in the north-east.

Rajgad Fort: Rajgad means “Royal Fort” is one of the must visit places in Pune. The fort stands at a height of 1318m above the sea level. Formerly known as Murumdev, the fort was the capital of Maratha Empire during the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The diameter of the fort at the base is 40 km, making it difficult for anybody to lay siege to it.

Aga Khan Palace: A beautiful piece of architecture that was built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in Pune. Built in 1892, it is one of the biggest landmarks in Indian history. The palace was an act of charity by the Sultan who wanted to help the poor in the neighboring areas of Pune, who were drastically hit by famine. A majestic building, the Aga Khan Palace, is one of the greatest marvels of India. It was also, declared as a national monument in the year 2003. 

Katraj Snake Park: Also known as Rajeev Gandhi Zoological Park, this park has a large collection of snakes, reptiles, birds, turtles and few other wild animals. Over 22 species of snakes, and 10 species of reptiles comprising more than 150 individuals, the park is one of the best places, especially for snake lovers. Make sure to visit the giant 13-foot-long king cobra, it’s a different experience all together.