Monday, 30 December 2013

Thinking Interiors? Here is What Your Home interiors Can Look Like

In a few years, elite designers like Armani or Prada could have done interiors of your house. It could even get as common as perhaps ordering a Dosa in an Udupi restaurant in Pune! That may become the trend, but before that, an update on the scene in interior designing in Pune and India wouldn’t hurt, right?

Individuality and Personality 
Common options like browns and whites and neutral colours are boring! It is a brave new world where homeowners are experimenting with colours, textures, decor and things. Having an element of ‘you’ – be it adventurous, sophisticated or plain crazy reflects that it is YOUR home!

Think 'Glocal'
A smart amalgamation of native designing elements – artifacts, antiques, rugs, wall hangings etc in tandem with international style interiors is the flavour currently. Any modern office or a residential space in upscale location India is not too different from the one in New York or Singapore.

It’s Green! 
Be it interior designing in Pune or in any other city, there is an increased awareness about preserving the environment. Buyers are trying to incorporate green and sustainable options while choosing materials and other elements making up the interiors.

Hot Favourites
Kantha in textiles, Hammered metal, a traditional metal technique from India used for creating a variety of décor items, Bone inlay largely seen in furniture and Indian kitsch like Bollywood memorabilia, street art, household objects for everyday use are being used as it is or are used as high-end décor products – these elements are creating an increased impact in India and worldwide.

Smart Storage 
Thinking of maximum storage in compact space is the buzz word. Multipurpose furniture and installations are the best bet out of storage solutions.

Big Fat Indian Family 
Within interior designing trends Pune and India, multi-functional space planning for varied age groups residing in one house is in vogue. Finally, fusing technology in the interior design in tune with the times, is the trend. This is especially so in security and audio visual systems. Likewise, in luxury apartments in Pune, home systems like lights and entrances are automated.

These interior designing trends in Pune and India are surely catching the fancy of home buyers and how!

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Pune Real Estate - Hot and Happening for Investment by NRIs

The past few years have seen NRIs loaded with moolah make a bee line for buying a property in Pune. These expats even though have investment as the key motive, making the motherland their home once again is another important purpose of buying a property. All the hype and hoopla about real estate in India affected by economic meltdown notwithstanding, the industry has held its own to a large extent. That brings us to what makes Pune real estate attractive for investment by NRIs? We elaborate.

  • Connectivity and infrastructure are developing in Pune at a decent speed. Thus, better value appreciation for the properties in the city is achieved. Therefore Pune as an investment destination ensures better returns
  • Pune is one of the top cities in the country and is second best in Maharashtra, with significant commercial and industrial development. So the demand for housing is increasing in the city. Due to this increased demand for properties in Pune, prices have gone up, improving value appreciation. This has attracted NRI investors to Pune.
  • Another unique aspect of Pune real estate market alluring especially for NRIs is the array of options within residential properties in Pune. From the modest 2 BHK to row houses and penthouses or even designer residences and branded homes, you get everything.
  • Regular property expos have provided a lot of exposure and information to the NRIs interested
  • The pleasant climate coupled with a rich cultural and historical legacy and proximity to Mumbai makes real estate in Pune attractive
  • NRIs can avail home loans from NHB-approved Indian financial institutions
In spite of all this, experts in the field suggest that when it comes to Pune real estate and properties in Pune, being cautious is important. That is because the investors/buyers are going to give in their hard earned money and all the real estate developers may not have a clean track record. Invest safely and wisely! Till next time, all the best!

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Branded and Luxurious Residences in Pune – Sky is the Limit!

Imagine living in a house which has a living room designed by Armani or an ultra luxurious residence with a name like Donald Trump behind it. Tantalizing, isn’t it? But this can actually happen. There has been a significant growth in the luxury housing in Pune off late. Senior management class, top corporate professionals, non-resident Indian businessmen and high net-worth individuals lead the demand in this segment. Consider  this. The total value of luxury homes, launched in 182 luxury residential apartments, offering a total of 25,570 units across the top 7 cities - NCR-Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata in 2008-2012 was around $30 billion, according to a report by Jones Lang LaSelle, a real estate consultancy firm.

The nouveau rich are going bonkers, thanks to the promise of a supremely lavish lifestyle, with befitting amenities and avant garde brands. Pune real estate market has been presenting exactly that, with a host of luxury residential options - duplexes, villas, row houses, penthouses and even 4, 5 BHK apartments. Developers are roping in designers and other aesthetic consultants across the globe to provide an out of the world experience.

These ultra-luxury residences quintessentially feature centrally air conditioned towers with electronic access control, swimming pools and dedicated concierge services. Museums, Graphic artworks, Baccarat chandelier – you name it and there it is! Add to this, some of these luxury residences in Pune even feature helipads, golf courses, sky gardens, etc.

While the usual luxury residences in Pune start from 1 Cr, branded luxury residences can be anything between Rs 4 Cr and Rs 50 Cr, based on various factors. Homebuyers are not just ready to shell big bucks for designer labels, but also want their homes to suit and reflect their individual tastes. In Pune, Hadapsar, Koregaon Park, Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, Boat Club Road, Undri and Mundhwa are the hotspots for luxury residences.  Undri, a comparatively new entrant in this list, is catching up fast. Undri is a good location, in the vicinity of Kondhwa, NIBM, Satara Road, which are well developed areas.  Undri also has enough space for luxurious residences. Good schools like Bishops, then club like Corinthians and vicinity to Katraj Kondhwa Bypass make Undri a desirable location.

Despite the apparent economic meltdown people are making a beeline for these luxury residences in Pune. We need not say what will happen when the economy gets better!

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Four Points to Ponder when Buying Home Considering Children

Married or not, at some point of time, you would most probably have to ponder over buying a home considering children. We are sure that your first reaction to this would be – buying a house keeping in mind children? Who does that? Even though this seems slightly farfetched, this is one of the important things to consider while buying a house. Here is a low down on things you can check when buying a home with children in mind.

Dial L for Location Location is anyway important, but when it comes to children, it is even more crucial. Good schools, day care centres (if need be) have to be close and easily accessible from your home. Also add hospitals and emergency rooms to this list!

Safety Matters You don’t want a case of ‘Home Alone’ to happen with your children, right? So consider overall safety of the neighbourhood to safety features within the actual residential complex and residence. For instance, lighting in common areas like lobbies and staircases and in lifts need to have 24X7 backup. Are the wall sockets for all the computers, televisions and electronic items out of the reach of your children or at least properly protected, if children are very young? Are the cupboards in the kitchen children proof?

Space With younger children space may not be a huge problem when it comes to considering buying home with children. But it could be the deal breaker when there are pre teens or teenage children at home. As they are growing up, they would need more space.

Local Transport If the kids are grown up enough, there is a good possibility they would use the public transport at some point of time. So if the location has decent public transport facilities available, that could be a plus.

So do you think you could buy a house with children among those umpteen apartments in Pune? If you are house hunting, give Kumar Pinakin with 2 BHK and 3 BHK in Baner a shot! All the best! 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Apartments near Koregaon Park – Ultimate in Premium Real estate

Consider this. You are looking for a plush apartment in Pune. It has been a dead end. Then your agent suggests apartments near Koregaon Park. At first, you go bonkers and feel your pocket has gone empty. But hey, there is nothing to worry, as these apartments are close to Koregaon Park, though as good as in Koregaon Park, albeit sans the chaos and hustle and the humongous price tag. We are talking about Wadgaon Sheri, area located off Mundhwa Nagar Bypass, just minutes away from Koregaon Park.

With Koregaon Park gradually getting saturated as a premium real estate destination with luxurious residences, the less explored areas around Koregaon Park are being explored by renowned developers in Pune. That is where Wadgaon Sheri with good public infrastructure and vicinity to areas like Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, Kalyani Nagar, Hadapsar, Kharadi and Camp comes into the spotlight. In spite of all this, Wadgaon Sheri has a peaceful and tranquil air about it, along with a lot of greenery. That is, even though Wadgaon Sheri is within a 5 -6 km periphery of all the areas mentioned above.

Now, with so many brownie points on its side, there would be no prizes for guessing that this is one of the rapidly upcoming real estate destinations, with all facilities for modern urban lifestyle. The good news is that adding to the jazz of this area and adorning its skyline is Kumar Primavera. A premium residential project by Kumar Properties, at Kumar Primavera you would find beautiful and modern 2 BHK apartments in Wadgaon Sheri. These apartments near Koregaon Park are a superb combination of vibrant and buzzing city life along with serene, natural surroundings. You would find these apartments in the configuration of 995 sq. ft, 1093 sq. ft., 1041sq. ft. and 1065 sq. ft. Further, Kumar Properties, one of the leading and most trusted real estate developers has ensured that people get the best of lifestyle here by way of the finest interior specifications and lifestyle amenities. These amenities feature a range, right from health facilities to recreation and events and gatherings. All in all, these apartments near Koregaon Park at Kumar Primavera are a steal! See you there!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Kumar Prithvi 3 BHK Flats in Market Yard Annex are a Prize Catch!

Do you fancy owning one of those plush 3 BHK flats in Market Yard Annex? If yes, then any real estate advisor is sure to give thumbs up. Of course, there are a number of reasons for it, the foremost being the overall growth of real estate in Pune in the past few years.  Additionally, all renowned developers in Pune have been entering uncharted territories as far as exploring out of the box locations for residential projects is concerned. This is where locations like Kharadi, Hadapsar, Mundhwa, Kondhwa, Hinjewadi, etc have come into the limelight. Swargate and areas near it like Market Yard are being tapped these days because these areas are right in the heart of the city.

Pune has been growing at an exhilarating speed and so called fringe areas are gradually being assimilated in the main areas of the city. However, it is no rocket science that home buyers still prefer a location which is close to all the main areas of the city and is well developed, as far as infrastructure is concerned.

In this scenario, Kumar Prithvi, Phase II, by Kumar Properties comes in as a fresh breath of air. Here you would find well designed and plush 2 and 3 BHK flats in Market Yard. These flats in Pune are beautifully complimented by a set of fine living lifestyle amenities like clubhouse, children’s play area, landscaped garden and facility for Table Tennis. So each member of a family has something to look forward to here. These residences are large and spacious with intelligent interior specifications. Plus the location in the vicinity of Mundhwa, Koregaon Park, Camp, Kalyani Nagar, etc and Pune Station adds to the viability of this project.

Above all this, this newly launched venture has the credibility of a brand like Kumar Properties. This real estate brand is one of the most trusted and renowned real estate brands in Pune for almost half a decade now. To cut a long story short, these 2 and 3 BHK flats in market yard annex are definitely a prize catch!