Monday, 30 December 2013

Thinking Interiors? Here is What Your Home interiors Can Look Like

In a few years, elite designers like Armani or Prada could have done interiors of your house. It could even get as common as perhaps ordering a Dosa in an Udupi restaurant in Pune! That may become the trend, but before that, an update on the scene in interior designing in Pune and India wouldn’t hurt, right?

Individuality and Personality 
Common options like browns and whites and neutral colours are boring! It is a brave new world where homeowners are experimenting with colours, textures, decor and things. Having an element of ‘you’ – be it adventurous, sophisticated or plain crazy reflects that it is YOUR home!

Think 'Glocal'
A smart amalgamation of native designing elements – artifacts, antiques, rugs, wall hangings etc in tandem with international style interiors is the flavour currently. Any modern office or a residential space in upscale location India is not too different from the one in New York or Singapore.

It’s Green! 
Be it interior designing in Pune or in any other city, there is an increased awareness about preserving the environment. Buyers are trying to incorporate green and sustainable options while choosing materials and other elements making up the interiors.

Hot Favourites
Kantha in textiles, Hammered metal, a traditional metal technique from India used for creating a variety of décor items, Bone inlay largely seen in furniture and Indian kitsch like Bollywood memorabilia, street art, household objects for everyday use are being used as it is or are used as high-end décor products – these elements are creating an increased impact in India and worldwide.

Smart Storage 
Thinking of maximum storage in compact space is the buzz word. Multipurpose furniture and installations are the best bet out of storage solutions.

Big Fat Indian Family 
Within interior designing trends Pune and India, multi-functional space planning for varied age groups residing in one house is in vogue. Finally, fusing technology in the interior design in tune with the times, is the trend. This is especially so in security and audio visual systems. Likewise, in luxury apartments in Pune, home systems like lights and entrances are automated.

These interior designing trends in Pune and India are surely catching the fancy of home buyers and how!

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