Monday, 30 December 2013

Thinking Interiors? Here is What Your Home interiors Can Look Like

In a few years, elite designers like Armani or Prada could have done interiors of your house. It could even get as common as perhaps ordering a Dosa in an Udupi restaurant in Pune! That may become the trend, but before that, an update on the scene in interior designing in Pune and India wouldn’t hurt, right?

Individuality and Personality 
Common options like browns and whites and neutral colours are boring! It is a brave new world where homeowners are experimenting with colours, textures, decor and things. Having an element of ‘you’ – be it adventurous, sophisticated or plain crazy reflects that it is YOUR home!

Think 'Glocal'
A smart amalgamation of native designing elements – artifacts, antiques, rugs, wall hangings etc in tandem with international style interiors is the flavour currently. Any modern office or a residential space in upscale location India is not too different from the one in New York or Singapore.

It’s Green! 
Be it interior designing in Pune or in any other city, there is an increased awareness about preserving the environment. Buyers are trying to incorporate green and sustainable options while choosing materials and other elements making up the interiors.

Hot Favourites
Kantha in textiles, Hammered metal, a traditional metal technique from India used for creating a variety of décor items, Bone inlay largely seen in furniture and Indian kitsch like Bollywood memorabilia, street art, household objects for everyday use are being used as it is or are used as high-end décor products – these elements are creating an increased impact in India and worldwide.

Smart Storage 
Thinking of maximum storage in compact space is the buzz word. Multipurpose furniture and installations are the best bet out of storage solutions.

Big Fat Indian Family 
Within interior designing trends Pune and India, multi-functional space planning for varied age groups residing in one house is in vogue. Finally, fusing technology in the interior design in tune with the times, is the trend. This is especially so in security and audio visual systems. Likewise, in luxury apartments in Pune, home systems like lights and entrances are automated.

These interior designing trends in Pune and India are surely catching the fancy of home buyers and how!

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Pune Real Estate - Hot and Happening for Investment by NRIs

The past few years have seen NRIs loaded with moolah make a bee line for buying a property in Pune. These expats even though have investment as the key motive, making the motherland their home once again is another important purpose of buying a property. All the hype and hoopla about real estate in India affected by economic meltdown notwithstanding, the industry has held its own to a large extent. That brings us to what makes Pune real estate attractive for investment by NRIs? We elaborate.

  • Connectivity and infrastructure are developing in Pune at a decent speed. Thus, better value appreciation for the properties in the city is achieved. Therefore Pune as an investment destination ensures better returns
  • Pune is one of the top cities in the country and is second best in Maharashtra, with significant commercial and industrial development. So the demand for housing is increasing in the city. Due to this increased demand for properties in Pune, prices have gone up, improving value appreciation. This has attracted NRI investors to Pune.
  • Another unique aspect of Pune real estate market alluring especially for NRIs is the array of options within residential properties in Pune. From the modest 2 BHK to row houses and penthouses or even designer residences and branded homes, you get everything.
  • Regular property expos have provided a lot of exposure and information to the NRIs interested
  • The pleasant climate coupled with a rich cultural and historical legacy and proximity to Mumbai makes real estate in Pune attractive
  • NRIs can avail home loans from NHB-approved Indian financial institutions
In spite of all this, experts in the field suggest that when it comes to Pune real estate and properties in Pune, being cautious is important. That is because the investors/buyers are going to give in their hard earned money and all the real estate developers may not have a clean track record. Invest safely and wisely! Till next time, all the best!

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Branded and Luxurious Residences in Pune – Sky is the Limit!

Imagine living in a house which has a living room designed by Armani or an ultra luxurious residence with a name like Donald Trump behind it. Tantalizing, isn’t it? But this can actually happen. There has been a significant growth in the luxury housing in Pune off late. Senior management class, top corporate professionals, non-resident Indian businessmen and high net-worth individuals lead the demand in this segment. Consider  this. The total value of luxury homes, launched in 182 luxury residential apartments, offering a total of 25,570 units across the top 7 cities - NCR-Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata in 2008-2012 was around $30 billion, according to a report by Jones Lang LaSelle, a real estate consultancy firm.

The nouveau rich are going bonkers, thanks to the promise of a supremely lavish lifestyle, with befitting amenities and avant garde brands. Pune real estate market has been presenting exactly that, with a host of luxury residential options - duplexes, villas, row houses, penthouses and even 4, 5 BHK apartments. Developers are roping in designers and other aesthetic consultants across the globe to provide an out of the world experience.

These ultra-luxury residences quintessentially feature centrally air conditioned towers with electronic access control, swimming pools and dedicated concierge services. Museums, Graphic artworks, Baccarat chandelier – you name it and there it is! Add to this, some of these luxury residences in Pune even feature helipads, golf courses, sky gardens, etc.

While the usual luxury residences in Pune start from 1 Cr, branded luxury residences can be anything between Rs 4 Cr and Rs 50 Cr, based on various factors. Homebuyers are not just ready to shell big bucks for designer labels, but also want their homes to suit and reflect their individual tastes. In Pune, Hadapsar, Koregaon Park, Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, Boat Club Road, Undri and Mundhwa are the hotspots for luxury residences.  Undri, a comparatively new entrant in this list, is catching up fast. Undri is a good location, in the vicinity of Kondhwa, NIBM, Satara Road, which are well developed areas.  Undri also has enough space for luxurious residences. Good schools like Bishops, then club like Corinthians and vicinity to Katraj Kondhwa Bypass make Undri a desirable location.

Despite the apparent economic meltdown people are making a beeline for these luxury residences in Pune. We need not say what will happen when the economy gets better!

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Four Points to Ponder when Buying Home Considering Children

Married or not, at some point of time, you would most probably have to ponder over buying a home considering children. We are sure that your first reaction to this would be – buying a house keeping in mind children? Who does that? Even though this seems slightly farfetched, this is one of the important things to consider while buying a house. Here is a low down on things you can check when buying a home with children in mind.

Dial L for Location Location is anyway important, but when it comes to children, it is even more crucial. Good schools, day care centres (if need be) have to be close and easily accessible from your home. Also add hospitals and emergency rooms to this list!

Safety Matters You don’t want a case of ‘Home Alone’ to happen with your children, right? So consider overall safety of the neighbourhood to safety features within the actual residential complex and residence. For instance, lighting in common areas like lobbies and staircases and in lifts need to have 24X7 backup. Are the wall sockets for all the computers, televisions and electronic items out of the reach of your children or at least properly protected, if children are very young? Are the cupboards in the kitchen children proof?

Space With younger children space may not be a huge problem when it comes to considering buying home with children. But it could be the deal breaker when there are pre teens or teenage children at home. As they are growing up, they would need more space.

Local Transport If the kids are grown up enough, there is a good possibility they would use the public transport at some point of time. So if the location has decent public transport facilities available, that could be a plus.

So do you think you could buy a house with children among those umpteen apartments in Pune? If you are house hunting, give Kumar Pinakin with 2 BHK and 3 BHK in Baner a shot! All the best! 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Apartments near Koregaon Park – Ultimate in Premium Real estate

Consider this. You are looking for a plush apartment in Pune. It has been a dead end. Then your agent suggests apartments near Koregaon Park. At first, you go bonkers and feel your pocket has gone empty. But hey, there is nothing to worry, as these apartments are close to Koregaon Park, though as good as in Koregaon Park, albeit sans the chaos and hustle and the humongous price tag. We are talking about Wadgaon Sheri, area located off Mundhwa Nagar Bypass, just minutes away from Koregaon Park.

With Koregaon Park gradually getting saturated as a premium real estate destination with luxurious residences, the less explored areas around Koregaon Park are being explored by renowned developers in Pune. That is where Wadgaon Sheri with good public infrastructure and vicinity to areas like Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, Kalyani Nagar, Hadapsar, Kharadi and Camp comes into the spotlight. In spite of all this, Wadgaon Sheri has a peaceful and tranquil air about it, along with a lot of greenery. That is, even though Wadgaon Sheri is within a 5 -6 km periphery of all the areas mentioned above.

Now, with so many brownie points on its side, there would be no prizes for guessing that this is one of the rapidly upcoming real estate destinations, with all facilities for modern urban lifestyle. The good news is that adding to the jazz of this area and adorning its skyline is Kumar Primavera. A premium residential project by Kumar Properties, at Kumar Primavera you would find beautiful and modern 2 BHK apartments in Wadgaon Sheri. These apartments near Koregaon Park are a superb combination of vibrant and buzzing city life along with serene, natural surroundings. You would find these apartments in the configuration of 995 sq. ft, 1093 sq. ft., 1041sq. ft. and 1065 sq. ft. Further, Kumar Properties, one of the leading and most trusted real estate developers has ensured that people get the best of lifestyle here by way of the finest interior specifications and lifestyle amenities. These amenities feature a range, right from health facilities to recreation and events and gatherings. All in all, these apartments near Koregaon Park at Kumar Primavera are a steal! See you there!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Kumar Prithvi 3 BHK Flats in Market Yard Annex are a Prize Catch!

Do you fancy owning one of those plush 3 BHK flats in Market Yard Annex? If yes, then any real estate advisor is sure to give thumbs up. Of course, there are a number of reasons for it, the foremost being the overall growth of real estate in Pune in the past few years.  Additionally, all renowned developers in Pune have been entering uncharted territories as far as exploring out of the box locations for residential projects is concerned. This is where locations like Kharadi, Hadapsar, Mundhwa, Kondhwa, Hinjewadi, etc have come into the limelight. Swargate and areas near it like Market Yard are being tapped these days because these areas are right in the heart of the city.

Pune has been growing at an exhilarating speed and so called fringe areas are gradually being assimilated in the main areas of the city. However, it is no rocket science that home buyers still prefer a location which is close to all the main areas of the city and is well developed, as far as infrastructure is concerned.

In this scenario, Kumar Prithvi, Phase II, by Kumar Properties comes in as a fresh breath of air. Here you would find well designed and plush 2 and 3 BHK flats in Market Yard. These flats in Pune are beautifully complimented by a set of fine living lifestyle amenities like clubhouse, children’s play area, landscaped garden and facility for Table Tennis. So each member of a family has something to look forward to here. These residences are large and spacious with intelligent interior specifications. Plus the location in the vicinity of Mundhwa, Koregaon Park, Camp, Kalyani Nagar, etc and Pune Station adds to the viability of this project.

Above all this, this newly launched venture has the credibility of a brand like Kumar Properties. This real estate brand is one of the most trusted and renowned real estate brands in Pune for almost half a decade now. To cut a long story short, these 2 and 3 BHK flats in market yard annex are definitely a prize catch!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A 2 BHK flat in Baner is a Great Residential Property in a Super Location

Does a happy feeling emanate from your heart, when you picturize a plush, airy and sunny 2 BHK flat in Baner, replete with a nice balcony? Well, if it does not, then it will definitely be something to be surprised about! That is because who would not want a nice condominium in the queen of suburbs in Pune? That is especially when it is minutes away from six-lane, dual-carriage Mumbai-Pune expressway, Aundh, Wakad, University Road and Pashan, where you get everything you want a stone’s throw away. Add to this, Hinjewadi IT Park is just a short drive away.

That is along with the fact that there are numerous IT companies and Corprates in Baner itself. Moreover, Baner is a among the most coveted real estate destinations in Pune. Simultaneously Baner as a real estate destination is still to be completely saturated. So thankfully, there is a good scope for luxurious and expansive apartments in Pune replete with the best of upscale, suburban amenities in this area. A dazzling testimony to this is a residential project Kumar Pinakin, by Kumar Properties. Kumar Pinakin offers 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Baner, at Mohan Nagar which are very thoughtfully designed. These premium residences are available in the configuration of 1062 sq ft for 2 BHK and the 3 BHK measure 1473 sq. km and 1444 sq. km. Comfortable yet stylish interiors combined with a million dollar location and premium lifestyle amenities render these 3 and 2 BHK flats in Baner are absolutely matchless. Some of the lifestyle amenities you would find here are –
  • Club House
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Jogging Track
  • Landscaped Plaza
  • Senior Citizen Sit-outs
  • Kid's Play Area  
So these amenities mean that all the members of a family have a good deal of excitement in store at Kumar Pinakin! Further, Kumar Properties, the brand behind this project is one of the oldest, most trusted and renowned real estate developers in Pune.

So, after all this ranting about these 2 BHK flat in Baner, we are sure you are on your way to Pinakin!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Luxurious flats in Pune Gradually Wooing the Affluent

They say money can’t buy you everything. However, it can definitely buy you any of those luxurious flats in Pune! And it is certainly comfortable to grieve about something sitting on a branded couch in a room overlooking the glittering skyline of a city! Jokes apart, this trend of luxury apartments is slowly catching up in India and in cities like Pune after Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai. These are the cities where majority of wealthy and high net worth Individuals (HNI) are concentrated. Additionally, India has over 85,000 Ultra High Net worth Individuals (UHNIs) and this number is rising.

 Pune too has its fair share of HNIs, UHNI’s and NRI’s, compelling the developers in Pune to offer what they want- swank and spacious residences in the most sought after locations in Pune. As per Jones Lang LaSalle, luxury housing constitutes just two to three per cent of the total residential market in Pune. In this too, 3 BHK luxury apartments in pune and penthouses seem to be the most desirable. If you are reading this content about luxurious flats in Pune, there are chances that you fall in the HNI or UHNI category! So here is something useful if you are looking for 3 BHK luxury apartments in the Oxford of the East, as Pune is called.  We bring to you, Princetown Royal, a smashing ensemble of luxurious apartments in NIBM Annexe, Undri, by Kumar Properties. This project exudes regality and finesse in every aspect.

These luxurious flats in Pune come with an exclusive collection of lifestyle amenities from clubhouse to children's play area to outdoor Party Lawn Area. The interiors transport you to a world of comfort and tranquility. These typically high end suburban residences are in the vicinity of renowned schools like Delhi Public School, Vibgyor International School and Bishops School for best of educational training for your children. These schools are known to create fine citizens from children!

 Plus, the brand Kumar Properties, the most trusted and known brand in Pune real estate is behind these luxurious flats in Pune. So what do you think? We would love to see you there! 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Good time to Invest and Buy a 2 BHK in Pune at Kumar Primavera

When you say you are planning to buy a 2 BHK in Pune, you are sure get appreciative glances. Yes, in spite of the fact that developers in Pune have managed to cater to all the classes of homebuyers-from those who can afford just 1 BHK to a supremely lavish 3 or 4 BHK or a penthouse. Even then it is not a cake walk to buy a 2 BHK flat in Pune. However there are a few things in favour of the buyers currently.

Homebuyers- Make Hay while the Sun shines

Good news is that due to the slump in the market, real estate developers in Pune are having a tough time selling their finished products. So whether it is a duplex or apartments in Pune, this is a good time for buyers and investors as they can bargain for a good deal! What is also heartening is the fact that mid-income and premium housing is still affordable for buyers in Pune’s well-developed locations when compared to Mumbai and Bangalore. Homebuyers are further sure to benefit from the long term appreciation of residential property. Options Galore

To help Pune real estate market cater to a wide array of end users, developers have been compelled to come up a myriad of property types – from Studio apartment to penthouses to 2 BHK in Pune. You can pick the property which suits your pocket! Moreover, initially, there was this conception that only specific areas are up market and convenient for middle, upper middle and upper class. Now, as the city is growing and is getting better infrastructure, home buyers are moving away from the areas considered conventionally as being in the heart of the city. Wadgaon Sheri is rapidly coming up as one of such areas. No surprises there, with a project like Kumar Primavera here by Kumar Properties.

Located off Mundhwa-Nagar Bypass, Kumar Primavera comprises beautiful, modern 2 BHK apartments in Pune. It is close to business and entertainment centres of Kharadi, Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park and Magarpatta, Hadapsar. With a host of premium lifestyle amenities and finest interior specifications, these 2 BHK in Pune are sure to create a flutter in Pune real estate!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Luxury Comes to Life at Kumar Piccadilly 3 BHK in Wakad

Premium residences like 3 BHK in Wakad are talk of the town off late. With the demand for luxury residences increasing, developers are moving towards outskirts where there is more space available owing to lack of saturation of space. That is one of the reasons why developers in Pune are moving to greener pastures, to create large and lavish residences fort the crème de la crème. The good news for real estate developers is that just as real market has started to look up, the demand for luxury properties in Pune has also increased. No rocket science this, as a lot of people are coming in the city settling down in this Oxord of the East.

This trend of preferring luxury properties seems to be increasing in spite of the fact that they can easily burn a huge hole in your pocket! Yes, and this is according to the various surveys done. Nevertheless, the point we are trying to make here is that such properties are selling like hot cakes! Wakad, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, Viman Nagar, Mundhwa and Kharadi top the list of areas where homebuyers would find maximum number of such properties – duplexes, villas or expansive 3, 4 or 5 BHK apartments or penthouses in Pune.

Adding to this collection of exquisite properties, in Wakad is Kumar Piccadilly, by Kumar Properties. With exclusive 2, 2.5 and 3 BHK in Wakad, this residential project is an alluring blend of intelligent design, finest amenities, latest gadgets, fittings and specifications along with solid form and appeasing texture. The intricate detailing in every aspect, be it the flooring or security features, for instance is immaculate. Security features here include intercom facility, access control main entrance lobby with CCTV camera. Further, amenities like swimming Pool, gymnasium, club house and children's park ensure that there is not a single dull day at Kumar Piccadilly!

The cherry on top is location which just a short ride away from Hinjewadi, Baner, Aundh and offers a quick getaway to Mumbai-Pune Expressway and Pune Mumbai Bengaluru Highway. Best of restaurants, multiplexes, shopping areas, hospitals, schools and colleges are a few minutes away from these 3 BHK in Wakad!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Projects in Pune are Bringing Nature & Urban Ambiance Together

Right now, if you try to find out the number of ongoing residential projects in Pune, it would be a tad difficult to count! If the massive numbers are anything to go by, the aspiring buyers are in for a treatment which entails getting spoilt for choice. Consider this. According to a to an article on Pune real estate in a renowned economic portal, there was a reduction in number of new launches in 2012, but supply increased in the mid-budget segment (Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1 crore) and the luxury segment (Rs. 1 crore and above) across the city. Moving on, Kumar Properties, a renowned real estate developer in Pune for more than 4 decades now, bags the honors for some of those luxurious and plush residential ventures.

One of such ventures we are talking about here is Kumar Primavera in Wadgaon Sheri. It is surrounded by verdant greenery, is conveniently located away from the chaos of the city. Yet, at the same time it offers quick connectivity to all the main areas of Pune. Located off Mundhwa-Nagar Bypass, these flats in Pune offer fast connectivity to business and entertainment centres in Pune. Here are distances to some of the places from this project -
  • Airport : 5 km
  • Railway Station : 5 km
  • Kalyani Nagar : 1 km
  • Hadapsar : 1 km
  • Kharadi : 1 km
  • Koregaon Park : 2 km
  • Viman Nagar : 2.5 km
Further, this venture comprises modern, lively suburban 2 BHK apartments in Wadgaon Sheri with finest interior specifications, right form earthquake resistant construction to premium flooring to provision for cable TV and split AC. Likewise the premises is dotted with amenities which will make every single day full of vibrance and joy – landscaped garden, health club, open air amphitheatre and more. Finally, this is one of those rare projects in Pune which is in a rapidly growing area, planned to provide the best of urban living. This is the future of real estate in the city. Go on, be a part of this ravishing new development in Pune! 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Charm & Glamour Come Alive at 2 BHK Apartments in Baner

There is a certain charm and glamour one can associate with 2 BHK apartments in Baner. Kumar Properties now gives you a never before chance to be a part of such residences and possess this glamour and sophistication. Yes, now grab your chance to possess these beauties only through Kumar Pinakin at Mohan Nagar in Baner. This is a brand new, just-out-of the oven venture by this trusted and renowned developer in Pune for close to 5 decades. This swank new project offers plush and spacious 2 BHK and 3 BHK which are a reflection of your fine taste and preference.

These premium and truly ‘desi’ homes mirror your desires. The moment you enter, you get an overwhelming sense of belongingness. The premium interiors emanate class and finesse. From the impressive elevation to the interior specifications, Kumar Pinakin speaks volumes about your taste. The interiors would sweep you off your feet, thanks to the finest quality fittings and fixtures in every part of the apartment. Be it kitchen or bedrooms, or provision for cable TV and broadband connectivity to the balcony facilitating beautiful views of the city around, everything emanates finesse and class. 

These apartments in Pune are perfect for a typically upscale suburban family. The good news is that safety too has been given an equal importance in these flats in Pune. You would find each of these homes equipped with video door phone and intercom facility. The entrance lobby located at ground floor has access-controlled entry with CCTV camera. Plus, the best part about this venture is that Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway, Wakad, Aundh, Baner, Mumbai-Pune Expressway, hospitals Supermarkets, restaurants, schools, banks and every convenience is within easy reach. It also offers quick connectivity to landmarks like Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, Balewadi Sports Complex, Symbiosis International University and numerous global IT and software companies. With such a precious location and a host of lifestyle amenities from landscaped plaza to stylish clubhouse, to gymnasium and swimming pool, rediscover leisure and good times with your family at Kumar Pinakin 2 BHK Apartments in Baner So when are you visiting

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Apartments in Pisoli Get a Touch of Class with Palm Meadows

Prima facie, when you say apartments in Pisoli, it sounds weird. But mind you ladies and gentlemen, real estate development in this area is nothing even remotely close to weird. In fact it is mind boggling. The kind of growth this area is witnessing, it is no rocket science that this area is the future destination of real estate. The fact that one of the most renowned developers in Pune, Kumar Properties has a project there, it is a testimony to the increasing popularity of the area. This leading real estate brand has recently launched a premium project in Pisoli, Palm Meadows. Here you would find 1 & 2 bedroom apartments with modern amenities and comforts. Thoughtfully conceived, each apartment is designed for an evergreen life, combining style and utility.

Palm Meadows, to begin with brings in an element of comfort and convenience, thanks to its million dollar location. These flats in Pisoli get the advantage of being close to NIBM-Kondhwa, Wanowarie, Camp, Katraj, Market Yard, Satara Road, Solapur Road and Mumbai-Pune-Bengaluru Highway. So all you need is available just round the corner, right from markets, good schools, banks, restaurants to hospitals to multiplexes everything is just minutes away.  At the same time, it is away from the chaos of the city.

However, you would hardly feel like stepping out of your heavenly abode. The interiors are well designed, considering the needs of an upwardly mobile suburban family.  All the interior specifications involve finest quality fittings and fixtures, be it the flooring or wiring or plumbing. Concealed plumbing and good quality flooring mean less maintenance hassles and a fine touch.  Likewise these 2 BHK in Pune come with amenities like community hall, gymnasium, landscaped garden, and children's play park. So not a single day is listless and mundane at Kumar Palm Meadows. With the Kumar brand’s credibility and promise of quality and trust, these apartments in Pisoli are definitely up for grabs! What do you guys think?

Friday, 13 September 2013

Find Elegant 2 BHK Flats near Hadapsar only at Park Infinia

It is hard to believe that Hadapsar now boasts of a battery of 2 BHK flats near Hadapsar, which was a sleepy, rural area a few years back. A prominent star among this rising galaxy of residential projects in the vicinity of Hadapsar is Park Infinia in Phursungi. This is a landmark creation by Kumar Properties, a name which has made an inimitable mark on real estate in Pune. Park Infinia is a reflection of the values and traits the brand stands for – innovation, quality, reliability and impeccable customer service.

 What also makes this venture, offering plush 2 BHK & 3 BHK apartments in Pune a very desirable property is the fact that right now, there is a super offer on these apartments. Starting from 15 august till 1st October 2013, on every 3 BHK ready possession apartment, the buyers would get Rs 148/ sq. ft. as discount and there is no service tax and VAT applicable!

To tell you more, This project is located in Phursungi (off Pune-Solapur Highway), close to SP Infocity (IT SEZ), which makes for a very convenient location, close to Pune’s fast growing areas like Hadapsar, Mundhwa, Kharadi, Wanowrie and Undri. It is spread across lush green 41 acres, combining style, romance and serenity with immaculate ease to provide a perfect abode for the connoisseurs.

 These 3 BHK apartments in Phursungi come with natural environments, world-class amenities, aesthetically planned apartments, landscapes and parks. The interiors are ideal for a modern, suburban lifestyle with the finest range of luxury lifestyle features. There is so much more to these 2BHK flats near Hadapsar – comfort, warmth, elegance and promise of good lifestyle – but we will leave that for you to discover! 

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Apartments in Pisoli - All About Comfort & Luxury

When you say something like apartments in Pisoli, it kind of strikes you, because of the sheer uniqueness of the name! But ladies and gentlemen, this area which has such a name, currently leads the pack of most coveted properties in Pune. Further, one of the residential projects in this area makes it even more desirable. Palm Meadows, a project by Kumar Properties has imparted that element of class and finesse to this area and has made it a premium address. With its 48th year in the real estate, Kumar Properties is excelling with each passing day.

Palm Meadows is a fine example of the successful inroads as developers this brand is making into the market. As said earlier Pisoli, by the name does not sound like a very romantic location! But we don’t mind that, till this location is conveniently close to all the romantic and happening places! So, yes, this property is very close to NIBM-Kondhwa, Wanowarie, Camp, Katraj, Market Yard, Satara Road, Solapur Road and Pune -Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway. Invariably, all the good restaurants, hang out places, theatres, shopping centres, hospitals, schools and colleges are in the vicinity. This latest offering by Kumar Properties comprises 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats in Pune, exuding a sense of style and utility.

These apartments have great utilization of space and have a great scope for natural ventilation and light. These apartments, especially the 2 BHK are seriously spacious, measuring around 1106 sq. ft. Moreover, whatever defines luxury as well as convenience is here in abundance! That includes the way the interiors have been crafted, with detail. Step out of your magnificent four walls to check out the stunning lifestyle amenities at Palm Meadows, a premium property in Wagholi, Pune.

These amenities feature a gymnasium for health freaks, landscaped garden which bowls you over completely. Likewise, the little ones can have a super time in the children’s play park. And to top this all, there is a community hall, to compliment these flats in Pune which aids in experiencing a healthy community life and mingle with actual people rather than sticking to the galore of gadgets at our disposal.  You name it and you would get it. Summing it up, Palm Meadows apartments in Pisoli, with all these stunning features make for a fabulous choice as a residence.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Flats in Baner at Kumar Pinakin Make for a Perfect 'Home'

Ever seen a beautiful aura around a home? If you haven’t, check out a certain ensemble of flats in Baner. No no, we don’t want to create suspense here! We will just unveil what is this residential splendour we are mentioning here. Presenting to you, Kumar Pinakin, where you would find 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Baner, Pune at Mohan Nagar. This prestigious address of Baner is what gives these residences a distinct aura. It is a recent residential project by Kumar Properties, one of the most respected brands in Pune real estate, for almost 5 decades now.

It is known for its innovation and commitment to quality and excellent customer care. To talk about the project, the most appealing aspect of this project is its location. It has struck the golden mean of tranquility but no isolation. Here, enjoy a serene life in a new, buzzing location, close to Wakad, Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Aundh, Hinjewadi and Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway. Additionally, supermarkets, restaurants, schools, banks and every convenience is within easy reach of this property in Pune. Further, these flats in Pune go beyond the usual conception of an apartment. Here you would discover what a great home is all about, because home is where your heart is!

So this is a perfect setting for converting a house to a home, with fine vitrified tile flooring, concealed plumbing, modular switches and sockets, provision for cable TV and broadband connectivity and more! In case of any emergency, help will be available with the intercom. Moreover, residents can ensure safety by checking who is on the door, thanks to the video door phone. These apartments are a perfect combination of luxury and comfort! If the interiors of these 2 BHK in Pune are fabulous, the external project amenities are mind blowing! These premium amenities are a treat for member of every age group, from children to the senior citizens. So along with senior citizen sit outs, there is a stylish clubhouse, gymnasium and a multipurpose hall as well. Likewise, the little ones can have a great time in the kid’s play. So you have absolutely everything going here for you! After all this description, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity of buying from among these flats in Baner!

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2 BHK Apartments in Kharadi & Nearby - Most Preferred Properties

Skim through the property classifieds of a daily and you would most probably find 2 BHK apartments in Kharadi all over the page. A proof enough of how popular Kharadi is as a real estate destination! Not to forget the areas in the neighbourhood, like Wadgaon Sheri. This is where, Kumar Primavera, one of the latest residential offerings by Kumar Properties comes in the picture. This project presents premium 2 BHK apartments for those who appreciate finer things in life. To tell you more, you would find this project, located off Mundhwa-Nagar Bypass adding glamour to Wadgaon Sheri skyline.

While this beautiful ensemble of 2 BHK flats in Pune is blissfully away from the chaos of the city, it is still conveniently close (within a 5 km periphery) to the key business and recreation centres in Pune – Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Kharadi, Camp, Mundhwa and Hadapsar. Basic necessities like schools and colleges - Wadia College, then hospitals like Inlaks and Budhrani, Ruby Hall are just a short drive away. Further, EON IT Park, Magarpatta, Giga space, Weikfield IT City info Park, Hyatt, Don Bosco High school, Phoenix mall, Gold adlabs etc, are just a short drive away. Moreover, the frequent travelers can breathe a sigh of relief because Pune airport and railway station too are closeby. But thank god you would get most of the things within the premises!

Right from a gymnasium to a swimming pool to an open air amphitheatre and children’s park, there is something for each and every member of a big, happy Indian family. You can also enjoy a nice stroll in the landscaped garden in the evening, staying in these apartments in Pune. Moving on, stepping inside an apartment, you would be taken in by a sense of ease and belongingness to that space. Smart utilization of space, with attached balconies and features like A-class, earthquake-resistant construction designer entrance lobby, provision for cable TV and split AC in living and master bedroom will floor you. These aspects will complete the circle of luxury and convenience at Kumar Primavera. You would not feel like stepping out of these residences, close to 2 BHK apartments in Kharadi. This is however, a trailor of what is in store at these flats in Pune! We hope to see you there if you want to see more of this project!  

Thursday, 22 August 2013

3 Bedroom Apartments Phursungi - Super Apartments, Super Offer

Looking to buy 3 bedroom apartments in Phusrungi? Already booked? Ah! Tough luck! But hey, for those who have not booked as yet, there is a super offer you can avail while buying that ‘oh-so desirable’ home. This once in a lifetime offer is presented to you by Kumar Properties, for its premium residential offering, Park Infinia. Plush 2 BHK & 3 BHK apartments at Phursungi await you here. The project is advantageously located close to Pune’s fast growing areas like Hadapsar, Mundhwa, Kharadi with EON IT Park, SP infocity SEZ, Wanowrie and Undri. Now let us tell you about the offer which you definitely cannot refuse! 

Brace yourselves, here we go! Starting 15 August 2013 and going on till 1 October 2013, home buyer at Park Infinia can avail a discount of Rs. 148/sq. ft! Isn’t this great? And hey, do remember that this offer is applicable only for 3 BHK ready possession flats in Pune. More good news ladies and gentlemen, is that no service tax and VAT would be charged while booking a home here! This extremely tantalizing and attractive offer is specially brought to you by this renowned developer in Pune, as it rejoices 48 years of its establishment.

 Park Infinia embodies and symbolizes everything that Kumar Properties stands for – commitment to quality, innovation and transparency. These 3 BHK in Pune are lavish and luxurious, yet comfortable and inviting. Stretched across an area of 41 acre, this project involves a lot of greenery, thanks to landscaped gardens, eco gardens, maze gardens and loads more! Additionally, there are facilities for a number of sports for the sports freaks!  The interiors make for a pretty picture, with all the fine quality specifications and materials. The interiors are not just about comfort, they are also about safety and security, thanks to the video door phone and intercom connectivity. All in all, there cannot be a better time than right now to check out and own these lovely 3 bedroom apartments in Phursungi!

Monday, 22 July 2013

At 3 Bedroom Apartments in Phursungi, Experience Life, King Size!

Park Infinia - 3 bhk near hadapsarResidential extravaganza is being unleashed in Pune with 3 Bedroom apartments in Phursungi. This neighbourhood, close to Hadapsar, Pune-Solapur Highway and SP Infocity (IT SEZ) is among the most preferred areas for developing residential properties. Park Infinia, a residential project by Kumar Properties illuminates this area with its inherent radiance and charm. Kumar Properties is one of the top real estate developers in Pune, since over 47 years now. Kumar Infinia is a fantastic manifestation of innovation, finesse and trust associated with Kumar Properties.

Park Infinia is located in close to Pune’s fast growing areas like Hadapsar, Mundhwa, Kharadi, Wanowrie and Undri. This gives this gated community an advantage of location. Enter Park Infinia spread across 41 acres, with an expectation to be swept away by romance of Venice, style of Beverly Hills and serenity of Zen Gardens. You would realize that ready to move 3 BHK (no service tax & VAT applicable) and 2 BHK in Pune were never this good. This is a unique gated community where the spotlight is on nature. Right from the moment you enter Park Infinia, you would see considerable stretches of greenery, water features and charming garden walkways.

All these features will be your veritable oxygen tanks! Further, when you step into your apartment, the first reaction is sure to be – ‘Wow’. Take in the interiors with contemporary and modern yet soulful and warm design. From a home buyer’s perspective, you would definitely appreciate the space in these luxury homes near Hadapsar. You can notice the specifications like fine quality granamite flooring, video door phone (Only for Phase-I), concealed plumbing and wiring, etc. Also check the intercom connectivity to all flats, building lobby, main gate and important common areas, provision for cable and internet and a host of other features. These reflect the fact that every minute daily requirement of the residents has been meticulously thought about. The same applies to the umpteen lifestyle features. Take a dip in the swimming pool or party till you drop or take a leisurely walk in the meandering eco gardens. If not that, then sweat it out at the gymnasium or tennis court or grab a book. Also don’t miss the eco friendly systems here. Basically, the list of things you can do here is endless. So many features and so many elements, these 3 bedroom apartments in Phursungi will make your life brighter and livelier!

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Friday, 19 July 2013

3 BHK flats in Baner Blend Tranquility & Buzz of City Life

When you envisage 3 BHK flats in Baner, nothing but lot of space and premium address envelopes your mind. Owning a 3 BHK in Pune in an area like Baner is nothing less than getting a serious adrenaline rush. But then even that space should be worth every bit and invoke feelings of grandeur. Kumar Pinakin, a residential project by Kumar Properties, promises exactly the same.

This premium residential offering comprises 2 BHK and 3 BHK in the precious location of Mohan Nagar, Baner. A brilliant location, the area is on the high road to development because of its proximity to Hinjewadi IT Park and Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway. It connects easily to developed areas like Baner, Aundh and Pashan. Important landmarks like Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, Balewadi Sports Complex and Symbiosis International University, along with numerous global IT and software companies are a short drive away, around 15 minutes. So staying here, while you get your daily dose of tranquility and peace, you are not too far off from the city buzz when you want to be there!

Lifestyle & Design 
Everything here befits your exquisite taste, whether it is impressive elevation or plush interior specifications. Interiors specifications get the teeth with latest security systems involving video door phone and intercom facility. The entrance lobby located at ground floor is equipped with access-controlled entry with CCTV camera. Luxury is reflected through features like fine quality flooring, provision for cable TV and broadband connectivity and umpteen other factors! Stepping into a home here will fill you with ecstasy never experienced before! These are the residences in Baner which will make you feel simply awesome. You are sure to feel the positive vibrations. You would sense as if you had always belonged there. Likewise fine living gets a splendid shape at these Pune flats, dwellings with the following features –
  • Swimming Pool
  • Club House
  • Gymnasium
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Jogging Track
  • Landscaped Plaza
  • Senior Citizen Sit-outs
  • Kid's Play Area
Rediscover leisure and luxury with these features, which will make every moment lively and exciting at Kumar Pinkain. Moreover, the brand Kumar Properties, a top name amongst developers in Pune adds that element of authenticity, innovation and quality to these 3 BHK flats in Baner. We sign off here!

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hillview Residency: Welcome to an address with modern amenities and conveniences

HillView residency - 2 and 3 Bhk flats in kothrud

Pune has developed at a very fast pace in the last few years. It has seen dramatic changes in the fields of industrial area, work culture, food culture, living style etc. The residential projects in Pune offer various facilities, amenities, recreation, space, etc which will fulfill all the needs of the home buyer.

 Bringing about a lifestyle change is an important decision. It is a decision involving the well-being of loved ones; where all factors contributing to a peaceful life can be garnered in one place and with ease.  Kumar properties, a well-known name in offering stylish residential projects in Pune have opened bookings for apartments in Kothrud at Hillview Residency. This Project comes to you from Kumar Beharay Properties LLP, a name trusted for excellence in construction.

Modern elevation, contemporarily designed buildings and thoughtful layout welcome to you an address with modern amenities and conveniences. Situated in Kothrud, Hillview Residency is one of the few places so close to the city, which has still managed to retain nature’s neighborhood. Excellent location is the high point about living in Hillview Residency. Surrounded by well-developed areas like Mahatma Society, Dahanukar Colony, Paud, Warje and Karve Road, Hillview Residency has the advantage of excellent connectivity to the city. The proposed DP Road will provide direct access to the Pune-Mumbai bypass and Pune-Bengaluru Highway. The view from Hillview Residency not only offers great panoramic views but also brings a breath of fresh air in to your home.

The quiet and calm surroundings beckon you to unwind. These 2 & 3 BHK luxurious apartments in Kothrud having top-of-the-line specifications, offer you everything and a comfortable life. The apartments at Kothrud in Hillview Residency offers various top class amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium and clubhouse to relax and restore stressed nerves, A multi-purpose hall with party lawn, where you can make memories of good times spent together. A Landscaped podium play area for the children ensures their safety from internal traffic. In addition, we have provided Shopping Centre, Senior Citizen’s park, jogging tracks, tennis court, CCTV, intercom and modern auto elevators to make your life worry-free. We believe that Hillview Residency has just the right mix of everything you need to renew your lifestyle.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pune Apartments at Kumar Pinakin Leave Nothing to Doubt

Pinakin 3 and 4 BHK flats in Banner
Have you ever noticed a distinct aura around Pune apartments which are in an elite locality with a million dollar address? If you have not, all you need to do is to visit Kumar Pinakin at Mohan Nagar, Baner! On a serious note, Kumar Pinakin is a brand new launch by Kumar Properties, one of the most well known names in Pune real estate fraternity. Kumar Properties is well known for being prolific in its landmark creations and is one of the oldest and reputed developers in Pune. All these sparkling and brilliant aspects are manifested in 2 BHK and 3 BHK luxury apartments in Baner at Kumar Pinakin. These residences are a manifestation of your desires and sophisticated taste.

These are really those spacious abodes which give you the chance to experience solitude. These apartments are available in the configuration of 1062 sq. ft, 1444 sq. ft and 1473 sq. ft. What also makes these residences special is its location the area is developing rapidly due to its closeness to Hinjewadi IT Park and Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway. It provides easy connectivity to developed areas like Baner, Aundh and Pashan. Likewise, vicinity to important landmarks like Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium, Balewadi Sports Complex and Symbiosis International University, along with numerous global IT and software companies makes this a gem of a location. Great location combined with residences which promise a superior and classy lifestyle, isn’t that the stuff dream homes are made of?

The interiors at Kumar Pinakin are of the finest quality and reflect the fact that every need and typical lifestyle habits of a quintessentially urban family have been considered. So while you have video door phone, intercom facility and access-controlled entry with CCTV camera, you also have premium bathroom fittings and a plush kitchen. Most importantly, Monday blues will be a far cry from your vibrant and pulsating lifestyle, thanks to the following premium amenities at these 2 BHK flats in Baner -
  • Swimming Pool
  • Club House
  • Gymnasium
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Jogging Track
  • Landscaped Plaza
  • Senior Citizen Sit-outs
  • Kid's Play Area
A premium address, alluring interiors and exciting lifestyle amenities – what more can you ask for in Pune apartments?

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Flats in Hadapsar - Your Golden Chance to a Great lifestyle

With the eastern area of Pune growing and expanding at a frenzied pace, buyers are spoilt for choice and developers are making hay while the sun is shining. The residential real estate scene in Hadapsar is abuzz with a lot of happenings and some fantastic residential ventures like Kumar Purab, with ‘Purab’ referring to east in Hindi. A leading name amongst developers in Pune, Kumar Properties has developed this dazzling ensemble of 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments.

Well, there is usually nothing unique about 2 & 3 BHK apartments, right? But the fact that the name Kumar Properties is associated with Kumar Purab makes these apartments special. Kumar Purab is a manifestation of a 47 year old legacy being taken forward by the team of Kumar Properties, which has to its credit, some of the most known landmarks in Pune. So basically, there is nothing to point a finger at when it comes to Kumar Purab. The apartments, available in the configuration of 1050 sq. ft, 1032 sq. ft and 1388 sq. ft, are roomy and pleasant. There is a lot of scope for natural light and ventilation to liven up these apartments in Pune. The best part is the attached balcony/terrace where you can savour in the cool breeze late in the evening or early morning with your cuppa and unwind or plan for the day ahead.

Residents can breathe easy here as provision for cable TV and split AC in master bedroom is available. The coziness and comfort in the interiors is great, but stepping out of your heavenly abode is equally great! Mingle over hearty meals and conversations in the clubhouse or lose those extra pounds by sweating it out at the gymnasium. Residents can also relax in the raised garden or take their kids to the children’s play area. Then, the location, close to Mundhwa, Koregaon Park, Pune Solapur Road, Magarpatta City and state of the art hospitals and shopping areas ensures a fitting climax to the gripping saga of Kumar Purab flats in Hadapsar!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Flats in Hadapsar - a Complete Package for a Typical Suburban Family

Envisage that you are back in time, circa 2004 and are checking out flats in Hadapsar with the obvious intent of buying. Perhaps, more than you, your well wishers and close ones would have been all skeptical and against it. But come year 2008-10 onwards and the tables have turned completely in favour of properties in Hadapsar. Kumar Purva, a premium project by Kumar Properties is a very apt case in point. Projects like Kumar Purva have completely transformed Hadapsar from a boring, ‘villagesque’ locality into a ‘Wow’ locality.

Ofcourse, with the entry of Magarpatta City, SP Infocity, EON Software Park and Hadapsar’s proximity to glamour areas of Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, Camp and Kalyani Nagar, the metamorphosis was just a matter of time. Coming back to Kumar Purva, this is as good as it gets, with its cozy 2 BHK apartments in Pune. This ensemble of apartments exudes a ‘feel good factor’ with its compact and functional design. These apartments have pleasant floor plans with their available configuration being 945 sq. ft and 950 sq. ft. These residences get the advantage of maximum natural light and ventilation. While some of these apartments have balconies attached to the living room, some of them have attached balcony to bedrooms. Further, the elegantly designed entrance foyer, gives the prospective buyer a trailor of how the interiors are going to be. The interiors involve usage of the best of fittings and material, enhancing your living experience to the optimum. Whether it is the flooring, concealed wiring or anything else, it is cutting edge.

A step outside your apartment and a host of alluring lifestyle amenities - swimming pool, clubhouse, kids play area and landscaped garden for the senior citizens to take a leisurely walk and others will greet you. Finally, security cameras in common areas ensure that maximum safety is maintained for the residents of these flats in Pune. Whatever scope there is for anything else, the fantastic location fills in the gaps, as lot of malls, markets, restaurants, hospitals and academic institutions are in the vicinity. Plus the renowned brand of Kumar Properties for over 47 years now in Pune real estate adds the glamorous touch to these flats in Hadapsar. We leave you to take a decision now..!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Flats in Ghatkopar - Close to Central Location of Vidya Vihar

Properties in Mumbai seem like a distant dream, for the layman and mere mortals. But the scene is slated for a change, with flats in Ghatkopar and Vidya Vihar in Mumbai. Talking about Vidya Vihar, none other than Kumar Properties, one of the most renowned real estate brands in Pune has created a landmark residential project here. Kumar Parasmani is the project we are talking about. Located in Vidya Vihar East, Kumar Parasmani offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments.

The project is amongst the upper crest and has all the features to woo a prototypical Mumbaiite, without burning a hole in the pocket! Kumar Parasmani, to give you a round up, embodies intelligent design, scrupulous planning, superb location and connectivity to other parts of Mumbai. This is basically what makes Kumar Parasmani such a great option when it comes to owning a home in Mumbai. Kumar Parasmani gives you the benefits of a location which is central and has schools, colleges, parks, market and shopping areas in the vicinity. So all you need daily is available just around the corner. A bit closer to your home at Kumar Parasmani, you would find smashing and convenient interiors combined with some more great features for a blissful and perfect suburban life.

 These flats in Mumbai are pretty spacious and have the finest of fittings and specifications. You have the intercom and gas leak detector for safety, while you get the finesse with concealed copper wiring and concealed plumbing. Similarly there is access-controlled main entrance lobby at ground floor equipped with CCTV. For dealing with parking woes, residents benefit from double basement car parking with car lift. In all, the premises and the interiors are crafted considering the lifestyle and comfort of the residents. Additionally, in case residents need to travel to Ghatkopar, it is easily accessible from these apartments in Vidya Vihar. Ultimately, Kumar Parasmani surely gets an edge over flats in Ghatkopar!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

2 Bedroom Apartments in Pune- Wadgaon Sheri has a Gamut of Options

Seeking 2 bedroom apartments in Pune and finding one is easy. But finding up and selecting a 2 BHK apartment with a perfect 10 and according to your visualization and budget is not a cakewalk. For all those who are venturing out to look for a 2 BHK apartment at this very moment, there is a fantastic option waiting for them in the form of 2 BHK apartments at Kumar Primavera located at Wadgaon Sheri, off Mundhwa-Nagar Bypass. It is a premium residential offering by one of the most reputed developers in Pune, Kumar Properties, with over 47 years experience in Pune real estate. In case you are looking for an apartment, the text below is sure to prove helpful, so go along with us!

The experience, innovation and technical knowhow of Kumar Properties is beautifully manifested through Kumar Primavera. These delightfully upscale and modern 2 BHK flats in Wadgaon Sheri are available in the configuration of around 995 sq. ft, which is the minimum and goes upto 1065 sq. ft. The interiors involve premium vitrified flooring, modern, well equipped kitchen, Provision for cable TV, split AC in living and master bedroom, concealed wiring and plumbing, amongst many other things. Similarly, the external project amenities feature ready and fully functional swimming pool, landscaped garden, children’s park, clubhouse, open air amphitheatre and many more all inclusive lifestyle amenities for a modern, suburban family.

Further, floor plans of Kumar Primavera are interesting and solid, at the same time. Floor plans involve a neat demarcation of specific areas in a home and attached balconies, alternately to the bedroom in some as well as some to living room. The views from your balcony too are full of promise, with Wadgaon Sheri having a lot of open, green areas. Plus, one can see the cityscape involving Mundhwa, Hadapsar, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon, Park, Kharadi and others in the vicinity. Surely it does not need to be mentioned that these are busiest areas when it comes to hard core work, business and of course fun times! So are you ready to move into these 2 bedroom apartments in Pune?! 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Kumar Millennium - Property in Kothrud to Die For!

Property in Kothrud? Did you just say that? Well, this is one of things which are giving gold prices a tough fight, for sure! However, on a serious note, flats in Pune in the aforementioned area are being increasingly preferred for a myriad of reasons. Considering the happening suburb Kothrud has developed into in the past few years, Kumar Properties, one of the most reputed developers in Pune has the perfect offering for the connoisseurs. Kumar Millennium located on Paud Road, Kothrud is the venture we want to get your attention to. Kumar Millennium is sure to woo you with its swank 2 BHK apartments and shops on offer.

Kumar Millennium is synonymous with ease of living and freedom from daily hassles. To begin with, the location cannot get any better. Being a very well developed neighbourhood, all you need in a daily routine, from food stuff to medicines to any other thing, is just literally a few steps out of the premises. Then you have the Mumbai Pune Expressway, Chandni Chowk, Fergusson College Road, Law College Road and other buzzing areas just about 15 minutes away in a car or a two-wheeler. Institutes like MIT, SNDT, schools like Abhinav Vidyalaya, Karnatak and More Vidyalaya too are just a few minutes away. The best part is that you can get a great view of some of these areas close by from the balcony attached to the living room of these apartments starting from 750 sq. ft and going upto 1102 sq. ft in size.

If there is still any scope left to impress a homebuyer, the amenities and interiors of these apartments in Pune accomplish that task. Help is at the press of an intercom button, while the summers will be comfortable thanks to the provision for split ac and cooking will be a pleasure with a contemporary, well designed kitchen. Overall too, the fittings and fixtures used are of premium quality. In a nutshell, in these apartments in Kothrud you would feel as if you belong to that space. The renowned Kumar Properties brand, which has been a leading brand since over 47 years now, further imparts the much needed chutzpah to this property in Kothrud!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Holistic Living gets Redefined with 2 BHK flats in Handewadi, Hadapsar.

2 BHK flats in Hadapsar are amongst hot properties in Pune off late. All credit to Magarpatta City, proximity to Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Camp, Mundhwa and more. All these hip and happening areas of Pune are just a short drive away from Hadapsar. You also have the Amanora Town Centre and Koregaon Park Plaza and Race Course in the vicinity.  There are a number of good restaurants too, within a 5 km periphery of Kumar Pebble Park. People are already experiencing a change in their lifestyles. Would you like to own a property in this rapidly growing area? Bet you do! If it is Pebble Park by Kumar Properties, it is worth giving a shot! Located in Handewadi-Hadapsar, Kumar Pebble Park’s address is the address of the future. So it is all the more a prudent decision to own a property in this area which has almost everything right from top hotels, malls, hospitals and schools in immediate vicinity.

Moving on, to tell you more about Pebble Park, it offers 2 BHK apartments in Pune. These are meticulously designed spaces, meant to provide ultimate luxury and comfort to the residents. Measuring 910 sq. ft and 923 sq. ft, these apartments are loaded with top quality internal specifications, features and lifestyle amenities. Plus it is spread across lush green land which makes it unique and exclusive. One can see the beauty and brilliance right from the entrance lobby comprising marble flooring. Inside an apartment, vitrified flooring, concealed wiring, premium sanitary ware and everything else is neat and thus makes it extremely convenient to clean and maintain the house. The interiors give you sense of exaltation, comfort and pride. The necessities and luxuries required every day are beautifully combined at Pebble Park for a holistic and fulfilling living experience. Here you have attached terraces to the kitchen, a different aspect from a few other projects! But the real show stealer is the sheer number of lifestyle amenities here, right from health, education to sports and gosh! So much more! Some of these amenities are
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
  • senior citizens' Park
  • Amphi Stage/amphitheatre
  • Party Terrace
  • Children’s Park
However, this is just a trailor of things to come! The rest you can see when you actually visit the site! In all, at these 2 BHK flats in Hadapsar, you step into a world of pride, warmth, comfort and exclusivity!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Apartments in Princetown Jalahalli – Surrounded by Lush Greenery

The Information Technology epicenter in Bengaluru has been steadily rising up the graph as one of the most developed Indian cities. Likewise apartments in Jalahalli, Bengaluru are being lapped up increasingly by the buyers. These apartments are offered at Princetown, a residential venture in one of the greenest areas of Bengaluru. Now you might be wondering why this blog is going gung ho about Princetown. The reasons however would remain a secret, unless the page is scrolled down! Before we go on to how superb is Princetown, let us ask you, the readers and homebuyers – what are your ideas of a great house? Great location, space and coziness along with a glamour quotient, right? Well, then Princetown by Kumar Properties is what every home buyer envisages about his or her home.

A lake and lush green air force land overlook the project along with beautiful coconut trees on the site periphery spanning across 8 acres. The project offers 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK and 3 BHK, spread across 5 high-rise towers. Moreover, these apartments are available in a number of variants. The interiors and lifestyle amenities are as princely and royal as the name of this premium residential venture! This project features a range of all inclusive lifestyle amenities. It is up to you to decide, whether you want to jog or swim or just relax in the coconut grove or sit with a book in the library or regale everyone with your talent in the amphitheatre!

 Likewise the interiors are equally endearing and apt for an upmarket urban lifestyle, with elegant entrance lobby and  proper security arrangements, intercom connectivity in every apartment, ample parking for residents as well as visitors, wide staircases, provision for exhaust and washing machine in the kitchen and more!  And yes, ofcourse, Jalahalli is well connected with other major areas of the city! This is just a glimpse of this project which is creating waves in real estate in Bengaluru. Now we guess everyone would agree why these apartments in Jalahalli, Bengaluru are the most sought after! 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

These Flats near Hadapsar have Everything One Can Ask for

Flats near Hadapsar are in vogue and flats in main areas of Pune are a passé! There was a time when Pune properties in Hadapsar were perhaps not too endearing for the home buyers as Hadapsar and nearby areas were mostly made up of villages. This area was nothing more than an ignored hamlet. But Voila! It was the turn of the millennium and Hadapsar got a makeover! Just as Magarpatta and other IT Parks have spruced up the development in the area in the past few years, more number of real estate developers have exploring this area for creating some of the finest properties in Pune.

That has paved way for people to settle here. In this scenario, Park Infinia, a project by Kumar Properties in Phursungi – (off Pune-Solapur Highway), close to the SP Infocity IT SEZ needs a mention. Kumar Properties is one of the top rated developers in Pune since last 47 years. Park Infinia, comprising 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments is in every way an epitome of style, innovation and quality associated with Kumar Properties. Park Infinia is luxury and elegance spread across lush greenery spanning 41 acres. The project is adorned with dazzling landscaping and beautifully designed gardens. So those with a tendency for a green thumb would surely love it here!

Simply put, Park Infinia offers the best of living experience without weighing too heavily on the pocket. The best part is that if buyers decide and want to shift in a ready possession 3 BHK apartment, they can do so immediately!  In this exclusive gated community all the elements from apartments to exterior lifestyle features seamlessly blend with each other. Some of the internal specifications at Park Infinia include -
  • Intercom connectivity to all flats, building lobby, main gate and important common areas
  • Provision for exhaust fan & washing machine
  • Piped gas connection
  • Imported tiles / marble flooring in main entrance lobbies
  • Well-lit and numbered parking bays
  • Fire-fighting systems
These specifications have been very scrupulously crafted ensuring that the residents here are given the best of living environment. Likewise you would be amazed at the endless list of lifestyle amenities here. Be it a bookworm or an adventurer at heart or simply someone who likes to party, there is something for everyone! Moreover, if you have to get out of the premises, for fun or work, these flats near Hadapsar are also close to Mundhwa, Undri, Kharadi, Solapur Road, Wanowarie and other fast growing neighbourhoods in Pune. So when are you parking yourself at Park Infinia in Phursungi?

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Kumar Piccadilly 3 BHK flats in Pune – The Sum of all Happiness

There is a distinct aura around 3 BHK flats in Pune, an aura of prestige, luxury and lavish living. Only someone who has attained ‘Nirvana’ would not wish for such a property in Pune, isn’t it? Seriously speaking however, buying a property in this cultural capital of Maharashtra is definitely not a mean feat! All the same, if you do have the financial prowess to buy a 3 BHK, it is worth! It is a superb option to actually stay or for investment. If you are looking for one, 3 BHK apartments at Kumar Piccadilly, is the perfect option. It is a premium endeavour and an excellent creation by Kumar Properties. Kumar Properties has been creating landmark properties in Pune like Karishma in Kothrud, since 47 years now. Kumar Properties is known for impeccable quality, innovation and prompt customer service.

Kumar Piccadilly, located in Wakad epitomizes all that Kumar Properties stands for and more. It offers well designed 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Wakad. These apartments ensure that you get the best of lifestyle, whether it is safety, quality of construction or interior specifications.  Kumar Piccadilly is endowed with earthquake resistant construction and all the residents here get the benefit of Intercom facility and access controlled main entrance lobby with CCTV camera. All these together ensure safety and security at Kumar Piccadilly. Attached balconies ensure that the apartments get abundant ventilation and light. The rooms are spacious and comfortable making you feel at home. The vitrified flooring is durable and concealed wiring imparts finesse to the interiors. Such features also aid in keeping the apartment clean.

All the fun, however, is not only inside these flats in Wakad, it is outside too, in the form of a range of lifestyle amenities! Want to cool down on a sizzling summer afternoon? Well, you got the swimming pool! Not too keen? Well, how about sweating it out on a treadmill in the well equipped gym? For throwing a great get-together, clubhouse will be your best bet and while you tend to the guests, the children can socialize and play in the children's park. Getting out of the premises for work or pleasure too is not difficult as Wakad is just a few minutes away from Hinjewadi IT Park and offers easy accessibility to Mumbai-Pune Expressway and other key areas of Pune. Additionally you have hospitals, schools and shopping centres closeby. What else does one need to move in these 3 BHK flats in Pune?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Apartments in Swargate – Where Everything is Impeccably Crafted

If you would have mentioned to an acquaintance that you are checking out apartments in Swargate, around 8-10 years back, that acquaintance would have probably been a bit skeptical. But not now. Lot of water has flown under the bridge. This area and localities nearby are now considered to be in the heart of the city and thus top notch. We at Kumar Properties felt that we have to adorn this area with one of our landmark creations. Thus came about our premium venture, Kumar Surabhi. At Kumar Surabhi you would find 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Pune which have been immaculately designed. The apartments are housed in a standalone 15-storey building. Kumar Surabhi is already creating ripples in real estate spheres in that neighbourhood.

Pune-Satara Road area near Swargate is a buzzing locality, with a heady mix of all age groups and elements of new as well as old Pune. So while you stay in a roughly 4 km periphery of - Parvati, Saras Baug, Market Yard , Parvati industrial Estate, you are also close to Nehru Stadium, City Pride Multiplex, Katraj bus stand and Swargate Bus Terminus, which is just 5 minutes from Kumar Surabhi. Katraj-Mumbai Expressway is also a few minutes away. Pune Station is 4.5 Km from Kumar Surabhi. With so many incentives, we reckon it surely wouldn’t be prudent to miss out on a property like this!

Further, these apartments are roomy, a highly refreshing change from the usual. These flats are available in sizes starting from 996 Sq. ft. to 1423 sq. ft. This along with being expansive, also gives the buyer a choice, whether to go for a compact apartment or otherwise. When you take a look at the tower, you would love its elevation and design. The entrance is lavish and inviting! These apartments have attached terraces to the living room and kitchen. Apart from these, here are some more alluring features of Kumar Surabhi -
  • It is open from all the directions
  • Reputed schools, colleges , hospital, day care and banks at walking distance
  • Adequate covered 4-Level Parking With  lift Facility
  • High rise building with lot of natural light and ventilation from 3 sides
  • Lifts with genset backup
  • PMC Water and Bore well water
Last but not the least, these apartments in Swargate have got a solid support of our brand, one of the reigning ones, for past 47 years. We are known for prompt customer service, quality and innovation and Kumar Surabhi is a fabulous example of that!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hot Favourite of Property Buyers – Flats in Kothrud

Till a few years back, flats in Kothrud were believed to be good. Now, they are considered to be amongst the best, given the staggering development it has witnessed. The area has become a darling of homebuyers. No surprises for guessing then, as being one of the most renowned Pune builders, Kumar Properties set up a project in Kothrud, at Paud Road. Kumar Properties presents Kumar Millennium, offering 2 BHK apartments, tailor-made for a characteristically suburban family. Additionally, Kumar Millennium also offers shops in its premises.

Welcome to Kothrud, the location of Kumar Millennium, as good as gold. It is a shopper’s dream, a paradise for a youngster who wants to have a gala time with friends. It is perfect for a sincere student who wants the guidance of a good school and teacher or a savior for a senior citizen who needs medical care. It is also great for a middle aged person who wants to do something – be it social work, or pursuing some hobby or the likes, along with their work. It is also an ideal place for a foodie, given the number of cafes and restaurants this buzzing suburb features. From Chandni Chowk, NDA Road to Deccan, F.C Road, J.M Road the whole spectrum is your courtyard to fulfill your desires – be it food, shopping, clothes, entertainment or even business. And all this will take you maximum 15 minutes on vehicle in either direction! Plus the presence of MIT College means that the area gets a vibrant demeanour, thanks to the youngsters from all over the country converging here. So what Kothrud has, is a terrific mix of things associated with quintessential suburban lifestyle for the whole family, from the youngsters to the grandparents. Kothrud has shed its image of pensioners’ paradise and is a lively area having infrastructure associated with cosmopolitan Pune.

In such a scenario, Pune apartments at Kumar Millennium present a fantastic opportunity for a family to own an apartment in Kothrud. This project boasts of quality lifestyle features, some of which are -
  • Intercom facility for residential units.
  • Provision for cable TV and broadband connectivity.
  • Provision for split AC in living and master bedroom.
  • Designer finish entrance lobby.
  • Concealed copper wiring and plumbing
  • Anti-skid tiles for balconies / terraces.
  • 600 x 600 mm vitrified flooring in living and kitchen and bedrooms.
  • Provision for water purifier and exhaust fan in kitchen
  • Attached bath to master bedrooms
Additionally, the minimum specification for an apartment here is 750 sq. ft and the maximum is 1102 sq. ft. To sum it up, whether it is a Subway sandwich or Punjabi food you are looking for, or a quintessential Maharashtrian Saree, Kothrud is the place to be for the whole family! For that, there is no better option than Kumar Millennium flats in Kothrud!

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Flats in Pune – Of Innovation, Vision for the Future & More

The list of most preferable Flats in Pune involves mostly those which are constructed by respected and renowned developers. We at Kumar Properties are proud to mention that we are amongst those builders who demand respect in the industry on account of quality, customer oriented service and innovation. Creating landmarks with a vision is our forte and we are constantly striving to present something unique and ground breaking for our customers. Hence we at Kumar Properties bring to you Kumar Primavera, where you would find exclusive 2 BHK apartments in Wadgaon Sheri.

Located off Mundhwa-Nagar Bypass, this is a futuristic and fast upcoming location. If you ever felt that staying in say, Kothrud or Aundh was making you skip some good music gigs happening only in Kalyani Nagar, Mundhwa or Koregaon Park, residing at Kumar Primavera will give you all the chances to attend such gigs, being just a few minutes away from these lively and vibrant areas! Not to forget that Hadapsar, Viman Nagar and Camp too are just a short drive away from Kumar Primavera. Moreover, these areas are epicentres of business as well as fun and frolic, with finest restaurants, hang out places, multiplexes, shopping areas and more.

Moreover, Railway station is just a few minutes away and so is the airport for those who are almost living out of suitcases or backpacks! To tell you about the apartments, they have lovely attached terraces and are available in the configuration between 995 sq. ft and 1065 sq. ft. Add some amenities like open air amphitheatre to strut your stuff, a gymnasium, children’s park, and fine quality, intelligent interiors with maximum utilization of space and voila! You get a perfect abode, which will absorb all your fatigue after a hard day. Earthquake resistant construction leaves nothing to doubt when it comes to these flats near Kalyani Nagar! Kumar Primavera also boasts of -
  • Proposed river side road which will bring Kalyani Nagar within 1km of Primavera
  • These flats for sale in Pune are close to Columbia Asia Hospital on main Kharadi Road
  • Fully functional, well equipped club House and other amenities
  • Two major IT parks (EON & Magarpatta) and 2 Malls (Amanora & Seasons) are within 2 Km distance.
With so many features and premium lifestyle amenities, we are positive now that your search for flats in Pune is now soon going to be over!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Princetown Royal - Pune Apartments in a Futuristic Location

There is a whole gamut of choice for buyers when they are looking for Pune apartments. Innovation and quality is inevitable if the developers have to impress the buyers. This is where we at Kumar Properties as most renowned developers in Pune, come onto the scene. Thus, in keeping with our rich, 47 year-old illustrious legacy, we present to you, Princetown Royal! Here you would find spaces exuding class and style in the form of 3 BHK apartments in Undri. These apartments, measuring 1700 sq. ft are sheer lavishness and comfort. Princetown Royal covers 8 acres of land and comprises 6 buildings while offering lot of open spaces. Let us give you a sneak peek of why it assures a royal lifestyle, for those privileged few!

For starters, it is a futuristic destination. Undri will definitely feature in development of Pune in the future. It is not hard to fathom, as Undri is a fast developing suburb of Pune. Whether it is recreation, good educational institutions, shopping areas or medical care, everything is within 3 km periphery. Picture this, Corinthians Club and ZK’s restaurants are almost walking distance. Similarly, Delhi Public School and Bishop’s School, two of the most renowned schools in Pune are within 2 km distance. Frequent travellers outside Pune will be relieved as Pune Station and Airport, both are approximately 30-45 minutes away. Commuting to other areas of Pune too is not an ordeal, as this area is close to the new areas of Pune as well as the old, comprising of Peth areas, via Swargate, Tilak Road, Camp, and Katraj- Kondhwa Bypass.

To tell you about the project, a stylish and spacious entrance lobby with comfortable seating arrangement will make you feel that you are a part of the whole regal creation of Princetown Royal. These apartments zealously guard your privacy, as they are open from 3 sides, sans any common wall. Further stepping into these flats in Undri, you would be consumed with an overwhelming sense of comfort. Enjoy the stunning views of the city from the attached terrace while you savour a cup of tea or coffee or cook up a fine meal in the international style modular kitchen! Throw a rocking party in the outdoor party area and be a fabulous host! And then, there are some more features you would love to know -
  • Vehicle free zones, kids play park, sit outs, landscaping etc
  • Apartments facilitate panoramic view of hills and reserved forest land
  • Every flat has two covered car parks
  • Modern amenities - full size tennis court and basketball court
  • Latest security systems - video door phone and access controlled lobbies
  • Fully air conditioned apartments
All these features and high end amenities ensure that every day is a day to look forward at these Pune apartments!

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Apartments in Pisoli Equipped with Finest Amenities – Kumar Palmcrest

It is a premium venture by Kumar Properties, one of the leading developers in Pune. We at Kumar properties realize the significance of a good residential property for our esteemed customers. With that consciousness, we bring to you Kumar Palmcrest, where we offer well designed 2 BHK apartments combined with the best of fine living amenities, and a convenient location.
Quintessential suburban living comes alive in these 2 BHK flats on account of a number of aspects. To begin with, we have a large, inviting and intricately designed entrance so that visitors and residents feel welcome. Once you get inside you would see the premises dotted with smart amenities like –

Clubhouse - a well equipped clubhouse, which makes for a great place to relax and have a good time
Gymnasium - to stay fit
Beautifully landscaped Garden - It is the place where you can spend time with family and friends for leisure and feel fresh
Children’s Play Park - A top spot for kids to play to their heart’s content and condition themselves for the world outside..

After you take a look at these lifestyle amenities which have something for all age groups encompassing a modern suburban family, you would be glad to see what is inside these apartments, if you seek to buy a house in Pune. These apartments are available in the configuration between 975 sq. ft and 990 sq. ft. The moment you enter these apartments in Pune, you can instantly feel the positive vibes. You would love the terrace attached to the living room and rich, fine quality granamite tile flooring in every apartment. Some more interior specifications you would find here are –
  • Kitchen platform with granite top and 1’6’’ glazed tiles dado
  • Powder-coated sliding windows with MS grills
  • 7’ glazed tiles dado for bathrooms
  • Concealed copper electric wiring
  • Concealed plumbing
  • Elegantly designed entrance foyer
  • Lift with genset back-up
  • 2 Baths/Toilets with premium sanitary ware
Along with this, these apartments in Pisoli enjoy good connectivity with Katraj-Kondhwa Bypass, Camp, Solpaur Road Mumbai Pune Expressway and Mumbai-Pune-Bengaluru Expressway. Along with this, Pune Station and Airport are just about 30 minutes away from Kumar Palmcrest, while Corinthians Club, Delhi Public School and Bishops are within 3 km periphery. Come home to peace and fine living, come home to Kumar Palmcrest.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Apartments Near Market Yard - Promise of a Blissful Life

Year- 2003: Looking for Apartments near Market Yard? May be look out for an apartment in another area.

Circa 2013: Apartments near Market Yard! Wow it is a good choice, centrally located and has a well developed neighbourhood with best shopping areas, multiplexes, restaurants and more!

Hard to believe? Well, yes that has been the colossal transformation experienced by Pune city. What was considered to be a semi rural neighbourhood, Market Yard and areas nearby is now a buzzing neighbourhood. Located in the heart of Pune, it facilitates easy access to the old and new areas of Pune – from Deccan, Kothrud, Hadapsar, Kondhwa and Swargate, to Pune-Satara Road, Bibvewadi and others. Premium residential properties in the area have also spruced up the area, along with the rapid development the area has experienced. Infact, it is vice versa. And when it is about quality residential properties, one cannot ignore  Kumar Properties! As one of the leading developers in Pune for the past 47 years, Kumar Panchsheel is our way of contributing to the development of Padmavati neighbourhood in Pune-Satara Road area!

At Kumar Panchsheel you would find impeccably well crafted 2 BHK flats in Pune for sale! Diametrically; different aspects of the locality this project is in, have a direct and positive impact on these apartments. The backdrop of ‘Taljai Hill’, with abundant, verdant greenery gives a serene touch to these flats in Padmavati. Conversely, this area is one of the centrally located areas in Pune, with elements of the old and new parts of the city combined seamlessly. While you have old style, spacious bungalows and estates, you also have multi storey residential apartments, fine dining restaurants, multiplexes, gaming and entertainment zones and best of city’s shopping centres. Not to mention about renowned schools, colleges and hospitals! All within a few minutes of Kumar Panchsheel, along with Sahakar Nagar, Dhankavdi and Katraj!

These areas are what new Pune is all about! Pune station and Pune Airport too are around 30-45 minutes (on vehicle ofcourse!) away from Kumar Panchsheel! But we say that when your home is akin to a weekend hot spot, you would not need to go out! Pleasing elevation, stylish entrance lobby with comfortable seating, anti skid tiles for attached balconies/terraces and concealed copper wiring will impress you. Further, a contemporary kitchen, equipped with provision for water purifier and exhaust fan will make cooking a whole lot easier! These flats are 990m sq. ft (approx) of immaculately designed space with the finest of interiors! In short, these 2 BHK flats have a heady mix of natural environs and trendy architecture and design. So when do we see you at these apartments near Market Yard?

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