Friday, 27 June 2014

Pune Real Estate Projects: Focusing on Growth

The money being invested on Pune real estate projects is ever increasing by the day as a result
of the growth of the city. For example, someone who invests in an area like Wadgaon Sheri in
Pune can see both growth and experience an upmarket urban lifestyle. This advantage is
guaranteed even in certain other areas of this city too. However, handpicking the right one
decides the luck factor that contributes to the growth.

Choosing fast developing areas is the key here and smart buyers ideally choose fast developing
areas. Of course, developed areas are always better and if affordability permits, going for them
would be perfect. But one should always look at the saturation point of growth too, as that
decides how soon one can get benefits out of real estate investment portfolio.

Increasing Demand for 2 BHK in Pune

When one wants to see 2 BHK apartments in Pune, starting the process from Wadgaon Sheri
would surely payoff. Everything in this sought after area speaks volumes about growth and
development. When it comes to the lifestyle and the convenience there, a good place to start
with would be Kumar Primavera. Some places develop and progress faster than other areas and
real estate investments would depend upon the choice. Correct estimation of the potential of
the areas is the key to understanding good Pune real estate projects. But a builder with
integrity is the one who must be sought when there are so many choices for the prospective

Kumar Properties has been a major and the most trusted player in Pune real estate since
decades. That explains why they are not here to make a quick buck and move on. Some Pune
real estate projects have the potential to change lives. Kumar Primavera at Wadgaon Sheri is one of them.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Here’s How to Make your 2 BHK in Pune Look Ravishing

Be it a 4 BHK by one of the top builders in Pune or a modest 2 BHK in Pune, one thing we love to do is to decorate our homes. We seek to incorporate elements in our homes which reflect what we as individuals are.  So what are such trends in interior designing for year 2014? We take a look.

Fabulous Fabrics
Routine fabrics are a passé. Rich fabrics like luxurious velvet, suede and even textured corduroy can make a simple room look gorgeous. These are classy yet durable and can go well with darker color schemes in vogue in 2014.

Vintage Winners
We are sometimes rushing too much into the future and embracing the ultra modern. But there are still interior designer and homeowners who can swear by the charm of vintage pieces. It could be anything- a dagger your grandfather or great grandfather might have used, an heirloom watch or an antique painting. That is what adds that zing to your (possibly) plain interiors. Such pieces make guests stand up and take notice of your 2 BHK in Pune.

Match or No?
Matching everything is not really always the key to make a room look beautiful. Harmonious colours need not match and this applies to pattern finishes and textures too. Experiment, play with a variety colors, textures and finishes.

Meet the Metal
Mixing and matching metals such as silver and gold, according to experts is a great idea to give home interiors of your 2 BHK in Pune a unique look.

Now these and more trends can definitely help in giving your interiors a smashing look. And when it is a 2 BHK in Pune or a 3 BHK at Kumar Pinakin, it is easier to make it beautiful. These apartments by one of the best builders in Pune - Kumar Properties are well conceived and designed. A great location and state-of-the-art lifestyle amenities for maximum convenience and comfort of residents are just a couple of things where Kumar Pinakin scores over others. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Flats in Pune - Why Kothrud and Why Not Anywhere Else?

It is natural to get confused when trying to buy one of those umpteen flats in Pune. On one side, you will be investing your lifetime savings somewhere and on the other, you will be waiting to enjoy a new and a different lifestyle altogether. After all, it is a matter of a major chunk of your earnings and a mediocre lifestyle is definitely not what you desire. Of course, a new home is synonymous to a new lifestyle as you would perhaps be shifting to an entirely different neighborhood, experience new facilities and amenities, meet new people, enjoy good food in the nearby restaurants and do a lot more. All of that is possible only when your purchase decision is a winner. If anything goes wrong, you might have to face situations contrary to your new life expectations. That is why analyzing the prospects of flats in Pune must be the first thing to do.

Before looking at new projects in Pune

In any city, some neighbourhoods are vibrant than others. Some areas get inhabited faster. Some areas are well connected, while others have better infrastructure than others. Of all those aspects, which ones is the most important for you? Or did you find all these aspects significant? Well, then your task of finding an apartment in such an area in Pune might get difficult as sophisticated neighbourhoods in the heart of the city have become too expensive.  The outskirts are still not too high on the locality preference list, for many. However, Kothrud might just have exactly what you desire – a good home in a great location with all you need just round the corner. We present to you, Kumar Millennium by Kumar Properties offering 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Pune.

Kumar Properties is a developer that has been there since decades and managed to satisfy thousands of residents and can seldom go wrong in choices of areas or building styles. Kumar Millennium with its well appointed apartments with smart interiors and the backing of a brand like Kumar Properties will certainly have flats in Pune which will make a mark.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Why Pune Builders Need to be Given Due Credit

When we talk about Pune, it is a heartening fact that the city has enough trees to keep it beautiful and green. There is another thing which has made the city look good and all credit to Pune builders. Thanks to them, Contributing to the beauty and the impressive skyline of this city are its buildings and the structures that look magnificent. It goes without saying that some developers in Pune have drastically changed the face of this city with their innovative and impressive projects. Maybe, this is an exaggeration but there is surely a good deal of truth in it. If you drive through certain areas of Pune, you will never stop wondering at the beauty that concrete structures can bring to the whole canvas of a city. Maybe, concrete beauty is surely 'concrete' when it is surrounded by greener areas. The glass facades and towering buildings make for a great sight.

New flats in Swargate

Although flats in Swargate seem to be a chaotic proposition, the area has its own beauty and charm, thanks to development by Pune builders. One should never go by a superficial observation, as the real picture can be very different. Don't they say – "Don't judge a book by its cover"! The real advantages can always be realized only after you see through the upper layer in order to get a deeper understanding of what really lies beneath. If you already know about the benefits of living in an area like Swargate then your next step must be to see the latest real estate ventures which are loaded with the required amenities. Kumar Surabhi is a must watch. Here you would find airy, spacious and well designed 2 & 3 BHK flats in Swargate – just what you need! These apartments are spread across a 15-storey tower with superb elevation. Kumar Properties is one of those Pune builders which not only builds and sells concrete but also focuses on aesthetics that transform walls into a cozy home.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Things to Consider while choosing from a Myriad of Developers in Pune

So you have decided to buy a property in Pune. A zillion things are buzzing through your mind. One of the most important issues would be of picking one from those developers in Pune, isn’t it? Let us sail you through this decision with a few useful tips!

1. 'Home' Work
Doing your 'home' work refers to selecting the kind of property you are looking for. Whether it is a villa, townhouse, a 3 BHK in Pune or a penthouse, etc.  This is important because every developer has a specialty or a niche, they are most known for.

2.  The List
Short listing developers in Pune according to your preference and their reputation will be a good idea to follow point number one! Think of aspects like experience of that developer, opinions by others, the kind of properties a specific developer specializes in, etc. For instance a developer you have shortlisted may be great with duplexes and luxury homes, but does not offer a lot of choice when it comes to 2 or 3 BHK apartments.

3. Get in touch
After shortlisting preferred developers in Pune, it is time to step out. Visiting the projects by these developers is next. This will give an idea of how actually the project looks like and what is the quality of the work. Speaking with the sales guys will give you an idea as to how does the builder fare in customer relations and service. In case you do not feel comfortable and assured of a transparency in dealings, it is advisable to avoid any dealing.

Many more things are unveiled once this process begins! Meanwhile, if you are looking for a 3 BHK in Pune, Princetown Royal by Kumar Properties is one of the fantastic projects you can check out! A project by one of the most renowned and respected developers in Pune, this project comes with a range of lifestyle amenities to compliment the luxurious 3 BHK in Pune offered here! Located on NIBM Road, Princetown Royal also benefits from a great location. Suffice to say here that a good developer like Kumar Properties always leads to a good home!