Friday, 13 May 2016

Smart homes in Pune

What is a smart home?

Smart homes are basically a residential units which are centrally located and have

easy access to all the resources.

Why do people prefer smart homes?

Development of the IT sector, existing and increasing educational and employment

opportunities has led to exceeding number of professionals as well as students

migrate to Pune.

It’s perfect for less number of people - For the ones who aren’t quite happy sharing

their homes with others, this is the best way out. The space would suffice the main

purpose. It’s comfortable and hassle free.

Less expenditure - The rate as well as the rent of such spaces will mostly be in the

right range. So, no affordability issues either.

Resources - Usually, all the resources you need- school, park, medical care and

many more is at a hand’s reach.

Megapolis, Pune:

A number of ongoing and upcoming residential projects in Pune are implementing

the idea of smart homes. Megapolis smart homes in Hinjawadi are attracting many

investors. These homes come with other amenities such as club house, gymnasium,

swimming pool, etc.

IT professionals in Pune, specially, who are necessarily occupied with their work

commitments, have are seen choosing Megapolis as their home. They are assured

with top notch education and co- curricular activities for their kids. For example,

Pawar Public School here provides education, the Mahesh Bhupati

Tennis Academy offers multiple tennis programs at reasonable rates. Apart from

these, other facilities such as shuttle service, shopping arcade, etc. are also made

available for the residents here.

Smart homes I- Sparklet, Smart homes II- Sunway and Smart homes III- Splendor

are the completed projects at Megapolis. Recently, they have announced the pre-
launch of the new range of smart homes: Smart homes IV in Megapolis.