Monday, 26 May 2014

Projects in Pune- Location is the Buzz Word

For most of us aspiring house buyers, it is not just the address we will henceforth call home, but also a major investment, perhaps the largest in our lives too. Moreover the house we buy may end up defining our lifestyle.

Even if it is a second house or a house bought for investment, it invariably brings with it an emotional attachment. Hence, this is one decision we do not want to make a mistake with.

The three things to look for before even narrowing down on a residential project in Pune is location, location, location. The place where the property is situated and its proximity to areas of utility like markets, schools, hospitals etc. It’s proximity to areas of discomfort like bus depots, smelly factories etc. Approach to the property is to be fully analysed to see the quality of approach roads, street lights, public transport like buses, autos etc.

New Residential Projects in Hadapsar Pune

Next comes locality, all of us grow up in certain cultural setup. Some of us like our setup and want to continue some aspire to a different setup. Some like a homogenous surrounding some like it heterogeneous. First sit down with yourself and think what you want, ask your family what kind of surrounding do they want to live in, once you answer this, then find a fit as close as possible.

Above all make sure you go to a reliable and efficient builder, who gives you what he promises, has a proven track record and is time bound in his activities.

Maybe a good illustration to the above would be well built Kumar Picasso residences, populated by its educated and cultured residents in Hadapsar. Kumar Properties have created these luxurious apartments for the connoisseurs of fine living. Hadapsar is home to many IT companies, good schools, educational institutes, shopping malls and entertainment centres and hence a desirable abode for many.

Friday, 23 May 2014

How to Choose a Pune Real Estate Project for your Home

The single factor that is very important while analysing Pune real estate projects- is location. The fact that a property you buy is going to be a home is something one must always remember. This single factor will be the basis behind a lot of requirements there. It is common knowledge that satisfaction out of or price of real estate is based on the comfort or utility it provides.

A home always can have a combination of kids, senior citizens, college going youngsters, young adults working and the occasional guest. There would be members in the family who stay here only for a few hours a day to people who spend the whole day at home. Hence the selection of a home from all ongoing residential projects in Pune should invariably cater to all their needs.

Every member has a different need and that has to be fulfilled as much as possible while seeking ongoing residential projects in Pune. The homemaker needs her household shopping done in a quality and nearby market. Children need good schools in the vicinity, this saves travelling time and energy. The senior citizens and others alike need good medical facilities, open places, fresh air and sufficient ventilation. The college goers need the house to be located such that they can travel to any place in the city easily. The people who are employed need a place to come rest at the end of the day, in a calm and well nested house. These are very crucial factors when you are looking at Pune real estate projects.

If all this is to be explained in one word the word is "Location". But it is also true that this is a wish list very difficult to fulfil. Or maybe not because this amalgamation of all desires can be seen at Kumar Millennium, at Kothrud, the one answer to many questions. It stands out among all Pune real estate projects

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How to Choose and Invest in Perfect Residential Properties in Pune

If there was anything more challenging than solving those really complicated mathematics problems, it has to be selecting from among the number of residential properties in Pune! However, there are some things a prospective homebuyer can keep a mental note of, while selecting and investing in his or her dream home. There are some significant market factors which can help determining how good are new housing projects in Pune.

1. State of Existing infrastructure
How developed and ready is the existing infrastructure in the areas you prefer is a significant aspect while buying a property. Adequate public amenities and facilities are the foundation for a self sufficient and developed locality. The more central the location, the easier your life becomes when it comes to new housing projects.

2.  Money Matters
Finding out about the price trends in your preferred area is one thing which is very important for a first time homebuyer.  One has to be alert to keep tabs on the current price trends.

3.  New infrastructure initiatives
What are the proposed infrastructure plans in connection with the residential properties in Pune you are zeroing in on? Try and find that out. Also try to know whether these proposed infrastructure plans are running on time.  This seems to be slightly tough task, but newspapers and news channels could help.

4. All Work & No Play?
All work and no play is not a very good idea. Good social infrastructure is essential for a fulfilling and content life.  Clubs, hobby classes, restaurants, gaming zones, Shopping malls in the vicinity add a distinct charm to your life.

One project which stands out when you consider all these factors is Kumar Prithvi with 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Marketyard. With finest lifestyle amenities, great location and interiors which cast a spell, it is definitely one of the most sought after residential properties in Pune.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Add that Little Extra to Luxurious Apartments in Pune

How would you describe luxurious apartments in Pune or anywhere in its truest sense? Is it just the space or the uber chic lifestyle amenities and interiors? Well it is definitely much more than that. Smart use of space and making your home come across as ‘you’ as much as possible is how you can take the luxury a notch higher. Here are some interesting things to ponder over to make your home beautiful!

Colour Code
Experimentation with different and unusual hues of colours and brightening up a seemingly dull room is one of the trends to watch out for in the year 2014. Well, what we are talking about here is bright, dramatic and chromatic splashes over unsaturated undertones. It immediately perks up the mood and refreshes your senses.

Go Glam
Luxury is never complete without a subtle hint of glamour, be it any kind of residential flats in Pune or luxurious apartments in Pune or anywhere else. A glamorous touch can be attained even by a simple element like metallic accessories. That also creates a mood. Experimenting with a range of materials can make your interiors tick!

Hue of blue
Another interesting trend which will be increasingly prominent in the future is usage of different shades and hues of blue. Shades of blue rolling back or complimenting each other have a positive impact on the senses. Turquoise, navy blue, sky blue and azure are some of the popular shades. Accessories, cupboards, cushions – you name it and blue is there!

flats in Pune
These small things can make your 2 or 3 BHK residential flats in Pune at Kumar Surabhi look very impressive and stunning. A project by Kumar Properties, Kumar Surabhi is located on   Pune –Satara Road and offers beautiful, well designed and thoughtful residences. These are not just luxurious apartments in Pune, but a lot more than that – an investment for happiness and security!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pune Flats – Painting a Rosy Picture in All Segments

After what seemed like a dull period, Pune flats are back to their winning ways and real estate in Pune is looking up again. The General Lok Sabha elections and the anticipated wait for a new government which would lead to a positive change in India’s economy is one of the reasons. What is interesting here is to see the segments in which the real estate in the city has experienced an upsurge.

Crème de La Crème
Luxury housing in Pune dons an entirely new dimension when it comes to amenities and conveniences.  Sky is the limit when it comes to the luxury features offered by the developers in such projects. Interestingly, there has been a steady rise in the demand of this segment of residences in Pune. These residences are nothing less than 3000 sq. ft and such projects are mostly seen in Camp, Prabhat Road, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, etc. A lot of renowned developers are launching or developing ultra luxurious projects in Pune.

Homes that Suit your Pocket
Properties in Pune which can be categorized in the affordable housing have risen in demand. They include compact 1 and 2 BHK units price-tagged between Rs. 10–22 lakh. These projects are mostly seen in areas like – Moshi in PCMC, Pirangut, Chakan, etc.

The Most Sought after Segment  

With maximum number of prospective home buyers working in the IT and manufacturing industry, multi story projects with 2 & 3 BHK residences are in demand. Huge development can be witnessed happening at a frantic pace in areas like Kharadi, Wagholi, Pimpale Nilakh, Wakad, Wadgaon Sheri & others. Pune real estate here is mainly driven by presence of quality infrastructure. These areas are all set to take the city by storm, with demand rising for new real estate projects in Pune. This is where Kumar Primavera offering premium 2 BHK Pune flats makes a mark. Kumar Properties, a renowned brand is behind this project. Every aspect of this project– aesthetics, design, lifestyle amenities, location and interiors exudes class. These Pune flats are sure to end your search for that perfect abode! 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Luxury Brought by New Real Estate Projects in Pune

All the real estate projects in Pune claim to provide something unique to the prospective home buyer. But isn't that special touch imparted by the way we decorate our homes or set the furniture, for instance?  Even a single element like a chandelier or a painting can add that distinct touch to your home.

Yes, that painting or chandelier might not be a huge one, but it can definitely be something that will compliment the size of your living area. A chandelier plays with light and its design lights up the ambiance of your home. Under its influence even the most simplistic decor looks elegant and inviting. Entertain your friends under a chandelier and experience a royal banquet at home! Be it a residence in any of those real estate projects in Pune, these things can always make your home stand out from the rest! 

These small additions that will add panache to your home and make it your palace neither too outlandish nor expensive. Plush cushions, deep coloured curtains with stylish placeholders can be used or rugs can be placed stylishly to look like a disjoint carpet. Oversized cushions are an invitation to relax. Warm rugs in winter and cool rugs in summer are meant to keep you home!

But all of this takes on a new meaning, when homes are built with attention to detail which takes the meaning of excellence to quite another level. If this statement needs an example, then head to "Princetown Royal" at NIBM Road by Kumar Properties. You would find beautiful 3 BHK condominiums with attention to every detail and every feature to make sure the owners feel like royalty and live like one too. These high end residences feature the best of lifestyle amenities. Needless to say it is one of the most desirable real estate projects in Pune.