Monday, 26 May 2014

Projects in Pune- Location is the Buzz Word

For most of us aspiring house buyers, it is not just the address we will henceforth call home, but also a major investment, perhaps the largest in our lives too. Moreover the house we buy may end up defining our lifestyle.

Even if it is a second house or a house bought for investment, it invariably brings with it an emotional attachment. Hence, this is one decision we do not want to make a mistake with.

The three things to look for before even narrowing down on a residential project in Pune is location, location, location. The place where the property is situated and its proximity to areas of utility like markets, schools, hospitals etc. It’s proximity to areas of discomfort like bus depots, smelly factories etc. Approach to the property is to be fully analysed to see the quality of approach roads, street lights, public transport like buses, autos etc.

New Residential Projects in Hadapsar Pune

Next comes locality, all of us grow up in certain cultural setup. Some of us like our setup and want to continue some aspire to a different setup. Some like a homogenous surrounding some like it heterogeneous. First sit down with yourself and think what you want, ask your family what kind of surrounding do they want to live in, once you answer this, then find a fit as close as possible.

Above all make sure you go to a reliable and efficient builder, who gives you what he promises, has a proven track record and is time bound in his activities.

Maybe a good illustration to the above would be well built Kumar Picasso residences, populated by its educated and cultured residents in Hadapsar. Kumar Properties have created these luxurious apartments for the connoisseurs of fine living. Hadapsar is home to many IT companies, good schools, educational institutes, shopping malls and entertainment centres and hence a desirable abode for many.

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