Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New Apartments in Pune Offering the Best of Both Worlds

Pune is a city bustling with activity, energy and youthfulness and loads of new apartments in Pune are shaping up to fulfill the rising demand of Young students, young professionals, corporate, entrepreneurs, NGOs. 

This development though wonderful has put a strain on the city’s lungs which is struggling to keep up with the pace of the city’s growth. To those who yearn for that fresh whiff of air and its cooling fragrance, the option is either a high rise building or an independent bungalow. Although the upwardly mobile India of today looking for a tomorrow they will be proud of, which can include a bungalow for some, they are not really something which would suit everybody's pocket.

But what if all the benefits of a bungalow, like spacious interiors, cool air, greenery, modern specifications and ample parking were all to be available in new apartments in Pune and not a bungalow?  What if all this could be at a location that is a stone's throw away from every need your heart could desire? Schools, Colleges, hospitals, City centre, shopping areas you name it.

If this sounds rhetorical and too good to be true; you are yet to hear about Kumar Millennium, a Kumar Properties' venture at Kothrud. These 2 BHK apartments have endeavored to give its owners the best of both worlds; the features, luxury and comfort of bungalows and the convenience, price and neighbourhoods of a society of high rise buildings. Plus the location is absolutely million dollar, close to Deccan, JM Road, Bavdhan, Chandani Chowk, NDA and Pashan! As always with Kumar Properties, the customer has everything going his way, when it comes to new apartments in Pune.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wealth of Health in Pune Apartments

The young Punekar, both in age and in heart is full of new consciousness. This new consciousness is at the centre of all his planning in life, his evenings, outings, friends circle, discussions, habits, lifestyle and hence his home and surroundings too. This new consciousness is health consciousness. Gone are the days when you could see a solitary jogger in the mornings or a few senior citizens chatting in parks. Pune has increasingly become very particular and knowledgeable about health.

With the new definition of health being presence of fitness and not absence of disease, an apartment with all facilities to promote fitness is the only one to be considered to have health amenities. Once again catering to this new Pune and its very healthy ideas is the new age project from Kumar Properties, Kumar Prithvi, at Market yard annexe. This project of 2 and 3 BHK apartments in pune is as much about the plush surroundings and lifestyle choices it offers as it is about the actual dwelling built.

Kumar Properties projects have always been futuristic and up to the promises made. This new one in its second phase is no exception. This project is loaded with amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, meditation & yoga room, gymnasium, children’s play area, landscaped garden and Table Tennis. This gives everyone, young and old, a shot at a lifestyle of fitness and the great outdoors, right at their doorstep.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Projects in Pune by Kumar Properties have Excellent Parking Facilities

Election time is the time to talk about infrastructure and civic amenities or the lack of them; keeping to the mood of the season, let us turn our heads towards the eyesore of Pune. If Pune is the centre of ridicule for one thing it is the state of our roads. But for the common Punekar the state of the roads is a lesser problem as compared to the well built roads which are blocked and unusable.

Our roads have turned into vehicle showrooms, with commercially parked tempos, proudly parked cars and artistically parked two wheelers. These standard roadside fixtures occupy 25% of our roads on each side and more than half the space at turnings. Even after repeated though half-hearted road decongestion drives by our police force the parking woes seem never to disappear.

Pune's public transport is a nightmare to say the least, any bus or local train running on time is an oddity, a sight to be photographed and stored! This is one reason that our city has turned into one which has as many vehicles in a household as members in it. Travelling may be made easy because of this but the number of vehicles on the roads is increasingly exponentially every year.

Could it be possible that we are hacking away at a problem in its periphery and not in its root? The cause of these large congestion due to hordes of parked vehicles perhaps is not lack of civic sense but a genuine lack of parking space. Most buildings either do not have a dedicated parking lot or have parking lots inconvenient to use. Their exits blocked or built at an angle that they get flooded in the smallest of drizzles; or the classic case of the builder selling away of the parking space for commercial premise holders or shops.

A solution for this has as always come from the idealistic builders of Pune, Kumar Properties. Kumar Surabhi, their 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Pune at Swargate, has been built with as much care to amenities and civic facilities as to the wonderfully designed homes. Maybe more initiatives like these and we would one day be rid of congested roads.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Few Essential Things to Consider When Investing in Pune Properties

Ever since IT sprung up, Pune properties are among the top categories that are running hot for investment. Pune being among the top cities for real estate investment has many options that can make you spoilt for choice. Real estate market is one of the major segments dominating the sphere of investment.

Investing in properties has been a good old tradition since time immemorial. The tradition still persists due the profitability that the land offers to every investor. However, there are a few things that you must consider before jumping into the bandwagon.

Here are few things that can help you invest wisely in Pune properties:

If you look at history, you will be convinced about the impact location has on any business. Location plays a vital role in the success of anything, and so it is true with buying properties. The first thing to look for when you want to invest in a property or an apartment is the location. If the property is well located, you can bet on better prospects for the future.

Future plans for the city:
Appreciation is found in the cities that have good development plans in pipeline. Government interventions, foreign investments, network of roads and other infrastructure impact the value of your investment. Pune has a lot to offer for investors. There is much more development underway and it will positively drive the market to new heights.

Returns on Investment

The resale value of the property and the appreciation value of property in the future too matters a lot, which in fact is determined by the above aspects. A project like Kumar Picasso is one such amazing housing project among Pune properties, by Kumar Properties, that offers you just all that which is mentioned above- value for money and a great location in Hadapsar. Kumar Picasso is a strategically located project offering 2 & 3 BHK apartments that can truly make the difference to your life. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

What Drives Astonishing Growth of Real Estate in Pune

Real estate in Pune is on a roll and we don't need a real estate biggie to tell us about that! On a serious note, though, there have been a number of reasons why Pune has made a grand entry on the country’s real estate radar in the past decade or so. Good infrastructure and Pune's metamorphosis into a melting pot of cultures from all across the globe are two significant reasons why Pune is a hot real estate destination. I.T has been another crucial catalyst for real estate in the city since the past decade. The shining phase of Pune is largely due to IT revolution in India.

Growth of the city and growth of Pune real estate have been mutually interdependent. Just as growth in other aspects has led to development of real estate, real estate has also contributed actively to giving the city the look that it has now. However, the real estate segment gave the necessary push to transform Pune into a metro. The key drivers for the growth of real estate in Pune are top builders creating landmark real estate projects in Pune, Favorable government policies, growing per capita income, and growing industries are responsible in bringing up Pune as a hub for national and international investors. Top builders are eyeing on opportunities to expand the business. All these factors are together are giving a boost to real estate in Pune.

Flats in Pisoli

With the above drivers for the Pune's real estate market, there are renowned developers such as Kumar Properties who are redefining the real estate in Pune with projects like Kumar Palmcrest. It is a project that redefines fine living with its 2 BHK apartments in Pisoli. These residences are very well complimented by lifestyle amenities - club House, gymnasium, beautifully landscaped garden and children's play park. Unveil the joys of peaceful suburban lifestyle with Kumar Palmcrest!