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Tips for leading a happy married life in a new home

Settling down with an ideal match can indeed be the best thing to happen in life, in fact being blessed with new house to start this new journey is indeed a memorable event and cannot be easily forgotten. With a new role to play and more responsibilities, it is indeed important that certain factors are considered have a successful and happy married life. In India, it is believed that the universe and we humans are composed of about 5 natural elements namely - Air, Water, Sky, Fire, Earth, and when all the elements are in their best form, you indeed need not worry about any negative element affecting you in any way.

Kumar Properties

A home is indeed a place of dreams for both the partners. Therefore, it becomes important that you indeed pay attention every aspect while moving into a new home. The below mentioned pointers shall help you lead a happy future life.

  1. Use lighter shades on the wall as it is believed to bring-in positiveness and understanding in the relation. Also, it is said that a bedroom in the northwest direct is indeed good for the wedded couple. 
  2. Be it bedroom or the living area, avoid having the cluttered look. Also, it is said that it is best to avoid having mirrors in the bedrooms altogether. As for artefacts, based on Vastu, you need to ensure that they are positioned in a pair and are never kept single. 
  3. A minimum distance of about 4 feet should be observed while placing a sink or gas in immediate kitchen. 
  4. Placing a rose quartz or a crystal in the couple’s room is indeed helpful as it offers tranquillity, peace and understanding. Moreover, a rectangular or square shaped bed is indeed worth an investment in the new home.

Kumar properties have just about 2 more years to go to complete its half century in the country and currently holds a strong 48 years of experience in the real estate segment. Over these years, the group has successfully catered to families with better home.

A brief overview of Pune’s historic leaders in the past

Known as Punyanagari in ancient times, which is now popular as Pune has indeed grown swiftly as the eight largest metropolis in India. Dating back to the 6th century, Pune has been closely linked to strong historic by Maratha empires founder, Shivaji Maharaj. The place is also known for the Peshwa’s, ministers of the Maratha Empire and later to Maratha confederacy. In modern times, Pune city has been the administrative headquarters of the Pune district which was indeed also the center of power for the Maratha Empire.

Back in the year 1625, Shahaji Bhonsle had reportedly appointed Rango Bapuji Dhadphale as the administrator of Pune. Dhadphale was indeed one of the first major developers of the town who looked into the construction of the Kasba, Somwar, Ravivar and Shaniwar Peths. Reportedly, the construction at the Lal Mahal palace was also supervised by him  as Shahaji's son, Shivaji Bhonsle who later went on to be the great Chattrapati Shivaji was about to move there with his mother Jijabai. It is said that the Kasba Ganapati temple with the premises was indeed commissioned by Jijabai herself. The construction of Lal Mahal was said to be complete in 1640. To this day the Ganesh idol situated in this temple is said to main area deity (Gramadevata) for the city of Pune.

Ruled by Chattrapati Shahuji, in 1720, ‘Baji Rao I’ became the first Peshwa for the Maratha empire. Sometime by 1730, the Shaniwarwada Palace that had been constructed on the banks of Mutha river, welcomed the Peshwa era in the region. Apart from great battles, some other popular work undertaken by Peshwa’s are- Parvati temple and the Ganesh, Sadashiv, Narayan, Rasta and Nana Peths. Apart from the Moghuls, the Maratha also indeed faced problems with the British Raj in the region.

Kumar Picasso - Actual Image
Kumar Properties has been playing the role of modern day Maratha and Peshwa’s who deliver world class decades that have indeed withstood the test of time over the decades. Be it a 1 BHK apartment or a 5 BHK Villa type luxury project, the group has been delivering all with great success and customer’s satisfaction.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Renowned and reliable projects in Bengaluru by Kumar Properties

Kumar properties, is a strong name in the Pune region, who is known for its construction capabilities in the real estate division. Over the years the group has managed to build a strong team of technical experts who understand the real time issues and needs in the current market, probably this is what makes Kumar properties a class apart from the rest in the real estate sector. Kumar properties have its presence spread across three major cities in India namely Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune. The Bengaluru city based under Karnataka jurisdiction is indeed one of the largest one in the country and stated to be the fifth-largest metropolitan area in India.

Princeville - Conceptual Image
Just like Mumbai, which is important to Maharashtra, Bengaluru is important for Karnataka. The city has also smartly emerged as the IT center in country, infact it offers much bigger benefits like facilities and support than what is available in Pune.  Kumar properties offer two major projects in Bengaluru namely – Princetown and Princeville projects. Princetown offers a serene location that brings investors closer to nature. The project located in Jalahalli Bangalore, is surrounded by about 300 acres of lush green Air Force land, Mallasandra Lake and about 250 coconut tree plantations. The project features 5 High-rise Towers that have about 10 Wings and 714 Units for takers. The Princetown project offers 2 BHK Studio, 2 Bedroom Compact, 2 Bedroom Regular and 2.5 Bedroom Apartments or a 3.5 BHK Apartments. The project offers Gymnasium, Meditation or Yoga place and a jogging track.

The Princeville project by Kumar properties in located on Mysore Road Bengalure. The Princeville project presents itself as gilt-edged asset that has great appreciation value and is reportedly backed up by a symbol of trust and excellence. Speaking ore on the amenities aspect, you can expect - Health Club, Swimming Pool, Kids Pool, Gymnasium, Meditation / Yoga Place, and Jogging Track. As for recreation, the project offers Clubhouse, Card Room, Amphitheatre, Library, Children’s Play Area, Multipurpose Party Lawns and Community Hall. The beautiful garden walkways and landscaped view is something that you can expect with this project in Bengaluru.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Renowned and reliable projects in Bengaluru by Kumar Properties

Kumar Properties Group has been leading player in the real estate segment in the country, who has delivered numerous projects over that has withstood the test of time during the company’s journey spread over 48 years.  The Kumar Properties has its presence in the three cities namely – Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune where it indeed has a strong foothold. The group claims to be the reason behind bringing smiles on the faces of more than 27,000 happy families residing in its projects. The group is known to deliver environment-friendly, well-designed, fully-equipped residential complexes that are loaded with every modern amenity that shall be needed to enrich your life.

Kumar - Parasmani (Conceptual Image)
Mumbai city has been Maharashtra’s pride. Being a commercial centre and major contributor to country’s development, Mumbai indeed attracts a large number of visitors from the other underdeveloped cities in the country. In Mumbai, Kumar Properties has been currently working on Parasmani project that offers amenities loaded 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments. Kumar Parasmani is located in Vidya Vihar East in Mumbai. The project is currently under construction and would take a couple of years before possession is handed out for the same, so this could indeed be a positive time for investors who are in no hurry for immediate possession. The Kumar Parasmani offers interesting features like - Designer Entrance Lobby, 900x900 vitrified tiles in living room, kitchen & bedrooms, Matt finish ceramic flooring in toilet, .Anti-skid tiles for balconies/terraces, Gypsum punning on walls, Premium grade plastic emulsion paint for walls & ceilings, Patented water proofing by branded company, Laminates flush door with SS fitting for entrance & bedrooms, Water-resistant door shutters with SS fitting for toilets, Anodised aluminium sliding windows with MS grills, and Designer SS railing with glass for attached terraces.

Mumbai city is also well known as the land of dreams, it’s a place where you don’t just dream but get an opportunity to make a genuine effort and make it come true. Being the capital city in the state of Maharashtra and the financial centre, the city has earned it dubious identity for being the most populous city in India. Yet dream flourish here and buying properties touching crores is not a surprise in this magical city.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Take your time to choose a right property

Buying a good home is one of the toughest periods in one’s life. Confusion, tension and calculation keeps the mind occupied all the while. Pune based Kumar Properties has been a group that has been delivering to customer needs for over a decade now and offers some of the best apartments for sale in Pune. Interesting studies have shown that one in about three people just spend about 30 minutes to choose a new home!
Making such big an investment indeed calls for more attention to detail. Research has also shown that most of investors take a decision in haste and later regret the decision. Some of the tips you may follow before finalizing a deal on the property you have just come across:

Kumar - Pebble Park
1.   Don’t be hasty; spend time researching and questioning the consultant as well as yourself. 
2.   Check about all the problems in the society, ensure you have adequate parking space if you own a vehicle. Inspect the walls thoroughly, it should not be damp. 
3.   If you moving-in with a kid, it is important that your known about schools nearby. 
4.   Understand the tax policy well and maintenance costs so that you are not surprised later.
5.   Do check on cost of repairs if the place needs one. Ensure that place you are investing in is not prone to flooding during monsoons.

Opting for 1 BHK flats in Pune or settling for 2 or more is entirely your personal choice. You need to understand your requirements, do not just blindly go for a property that offers you bigger space even when you don’t need one, that is offered at a lucrative price tag. The problem with bigger home would mean more maintenance and more repair costs; hence it would be apt if you go for a property that caters to your needs. Do not shy away from asking for a structural survey report in case the property is pretty old, it wouldn’t hurt either if your go through a survey report even if the building is new but you seem to be having doubts with the quality. Looking for apartments for sale in Pune? The Kumar properties offer some of best options in 2 BHK, 3 BHK or 1 BHK flats in Pune.

Monday, 24 November 2014

With rampant construction projects in Pune, opting for a reliable brand is a necessity

Kumar Primavera
The rather peaceful town of Pune has witnessed a steady rise in construction activity within the region. With growing economic and trade centers in the locality, it has become important that buyers thoroughly inspect the property well in advance before finalizing a deal. Recently, news of many illegal buildings and residential areas in Pune’s cities and its nearby villages has gone viral on the internet.

Speaking more on the occasion, Saurabh Rao, stated, “We will be charting a list of unauthorized buildings and begin cracking down on them soon. In such cases, the builder will have to recompense the residents and provide fresh accommodation.” To avoid being a part of this mess, you may follow certain checkpoints:

  •  Approach every property shown to you with a scorecard that has various parameters for grading.
  •  Familiarize yourself with the problems and benefits that would face with any particular project.
  •  Understand the mortgage process well and in case of doubts get it cleared by a professional at the earliest.
  •   Question about a Real Estate term or its definition can be found out on the glossary section.
  •   Choose an agent wisely who is well aware of the locality and can guide you with accurate details.
  •   Do not compromise on documents and inspect them beforehand. Also crosscheck with neighbours.
  •   The project must hold all the required clearance papers ready to be presented before paying token of any particular project.

The Kumar properties group, has successfully completed over 125 Projects in the country, thereby the brand stands tall among constructioncompanies in pune. Investing or relocating to apartments in Pune is not such a bad idea after all as the cost of living index indicates that relocating to Pune would mean a straight 31% dip in total cost of living. Except for Food and clothing, the city of Pune has been ranked better in every aspect. Moreover, with strong presence of IT and educational sector in the region, investors can anticipate a good return in terms of rent from migrating student as well as the working class. Apartments in Pune not just give you an opportunity to possess your own home, but it also gives you an opportunity of immerse yourself in the lap of nature post a tiring day.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Changing trends in real estate business in India

The Kumar Properties Group has stood out among Real estate developers in Pune, owing to services like, personalized customer service, superior quality work and timely completion of projects. The group has crafted many world-class apartments in Pune due to which the group has earned itself a symbol of trust and belief among its customer base in the region. The city of Pune has grown strong in recent times owing to its fast growing IT sector. Many of the corporate in the country do not shy away from setting up Pune as its official headquarters, unlike old times when only Mumbai  was considered to be good for setting up a headquarter for any respective company.
In recent time, India has been focusing on strengthening its economy and  the new pro-business agenda initiated by newly appointed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is proving to be success in encouraging foreign investors to return to Indian real-estate market who had been taking back their hands owing to past financial crisis in the country. With changing trends, property in India has taken a new turn that hints a better turn of events in near future.

Real estate developers in Pune consider the city to be of vital importance as it has been a major contributor in the state as well as country's development. Investing in apartments in Pune for relocating or as an investment, can prove to be beneficial in near future as the place is known for its contribution in the educational sector as well as well as technological developments. Apart from the city's connection with Maratha warriors, the place is also chosen as a vital city of operation for MNC's. The presence of well paying corporate profile in the city has been attracting brilliant minds from across the country and overseas for good job prospects. Apart from job and education, the city also has a pleasant climate and natural surroundings unlike its neighboring city which is Mumbai. Apart from corporate the city of Pune in Maharashtra is also known for world-class manufacturing facilities for automobiles and other consumables.

The projects undertaken by the Kumar group are not just loaded with world's class amenities, they also feature high-end safety equipments that secures the premises 24x7. Unlike other real estatedevelopers in Pune, the Kumar Properties Group is also present in other major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. Property prices in Pune are not lower that its neighboring places, but investors can indeed expect bigger returns sooner than expected as many of places within Pune are adorned with multiplexes, flyovers and larger roads. Moreover, unlike other estate developers in Pune, the Kumar Properties Group does not lure buyers with discounts, but indeed believes in luring customers with better features, price and quality.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Kumar Properties stands out amongst other popular builders in Pune

Actual Site Image
The city of Pune in Maharashtra is known for food, culture, history and educational institutes. Apart from these Pune has also been known for various manufacturing units and automobile assembling plants. The city has also grown as the latest IT hub in the country, thereby attracting youth and professionals alike from the country to relocate in this city. The Kumar Properties is among the top names that would find while searching for renowned builders in Pune. When it comes to developers, Kumar Properties has stood out among top developers in Pune. Kumar Properties has earned the symbol of trust and integrity owing to its superior quality work, personalized services to customers and timely completion of projects.

Some of the popular builders in Pune region are – Marvel realtors, Kolte patil, Goel Ganga group, DSK and Kumar Properties. Investors looking for investing in properties within the city can opt for interesting projects by numerous renowned developers in Pune. Investment is likely to generate good profit as the Pune city attracts students as well as migrants from South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and our very own India. The magnificent and splendid forts from the Maratha Empire are like a jewel in the crown of this city. Apart from traditional Marathi culture in the region, the city has also earned a distinctive identity in terms of arts and craft, education and theatre.

Apart from Pune, Kumar Properties is also present in major cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru.  
Specious Club House

Kumar Prithvi project by Kumar Properties is located near Market Yard locality, off the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway. Unlike other builders in Pune, this project offers some of the best 3BHK flats in the city. Apart from this, the Kumar Primavera project from Kumar properties developers in Pune offers spacious 2BHK in the city.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Investing in Princeville at Moshi and Primavera at Wadgaon Sheri can Prove to be Beneficial Deal

Hectic life, burdened with responsibilities often fuel thoughts to escape to a nearest getaway location. The Kumar Properties founded way back on 15 August, 1966 by Mr. K.H. Oswal, offers world-class matching standard of residential projects in Pune. Back in 1970's the company built its first branded apartment and in the 80’s shifted to undertaking high-rise buildings and bungalow projects. Gradually in the 90’s the brand ventured into construction of luxurious mega complexes. Today most of real estate advertisements stating ongoing residential projects in Pune or flats in Pune lead to projects built by Kumar Properties. With more modern software projects being set-up in the area, the place is expected to be value for money deal for software professionals too in the near future.

flats in moshi
Kumar Princeville
Drive about 9.5 kms away from the noisy Pimpri-Chinchwad to reach out to Kumar Princeville project from Kumar Properties. The property that is located miles away from the pollution and city's hustle and bustle offers some of the best flats in Pune. Looking for 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats in Pune, the Kumar Princeville is worth a check. Even though the property has been located quite far away from the city you can expect basic facility stores to meet your everyday retail needs. Unlike other projects in Pune Kumar Princeville is located in Moshi which is 2 kms off the Pune-Nashik highway. The project offers swimming pool, children's play park, landscaped garden and Clubhouse. Moreover, features facilities like Intercom, CCTV in the lobby area and podium parking offer a sense of complete security that is most often sought by investors before investing in flats in Pune. 

Kumar Primavera
Looking for 2 BHK flats in Pune? Kumar Primavera, from Kumar properties can be answer to your search. Kumar Primavera is located in Pune’s Wadgaon Sheri nearby Mundhwa-Nagar Bypass, thereby provide good connectivity to various vital points like Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, Kharadi, Koregaon Park and Magarpatta, Hadapsar. Unlike other projects in Pune, Kumar Primavera is just about 5 Kms from the Airport and about 5 kms from the railway station.  Yet, the project offering one of the best 2 BHK flats in Pune is surrounded by beautiful landscaped lush green open spaces. The Kumar Primavera Project is basically designed to deliver a perfect balance between a hectic life schedule and personal time resting in the lap of nature. As an investment in these residential projects in Pune you may expect good returns sooner than expected due to building of larger roads, multiplexes and flyovers in the area. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bring in a Sense of Belief, Security and Prosperity this Diwali

India has been known as a mystic land of strong cultures and beliefs. Dedication and faith in local traditions are considered to be one the strongest around the globe. Undertaking a new venture or investing in expensive deals often awaits beginning of auspicious days. The festive season in India has a strong underlying meaning to it and effectively manages to bring-in a sense of belief, security and prosperity amongst the buyer lot with the new projects in Pune.

Another reason why the domestic population waits for the festive season to buy is for the lucrative offers like discounts, freebies and schemes offered on Pune properties are often hard to resist during the festive season. For Hinduism followers in the country, the festival of lights, Diwali (Deepawali) is considered the most auspicious period to invest in a new property. Modern day lucrative deals from various property dealers in the country further induce a purchase decision. Investing in a reliable Pune property is definitely fruitful in the long run, and as homes are generally brought around this festive season, it leads to belief that the period in which the house was purchased has brought gains whenever it shall be sold at a later date.

Kumar Properties Construction and Biotechnology has been one such strong name in the construction industry. With number of new projects in Pune, The Company has about 6 big projects that are loaded with modern amenities, good quality construction and delivers living in an upmarket home experience. The Kumar Picasso located in Hadapsar offers 2 and 3 BHK Luxury apartments. The apartments have been well-designed and are spacious. The luxurious homes come with the perks of private gardens, beautiful open spaces, exquisite landscape, verdant sit-outs alongside large rooms that invite you to stretch out and enjoy. Kumar Prithvi, another one such premium lifestyle offering from Kumar Properties is located at Marketyard Annexe and is also available 2 and 3 BHK apartment options. The building being strategically located offers easy access to the owners for their daily activity. Over 300 families in Kumar Prithvi's Phase-I have been happy with their purchase. The third project named as Princetown Royal is located at NIBM Road and it offers 3 BHK luxury apartments. The project spanning around 8 Acres has been well planned and designed to meet even the basic needs comfortably.

The Fourth Pune Property from Kumar has been named as Kumar Pinakin that is also strategically located and provides easy access to vital points. Spread on scenic location, the building adds touch of class and finesse to its occupants. The fifth property on card, is the Kumar Panchsheel that claims to be a place where memories last a lifetime. Located at Padmavati and surrounded by mountain-scape and nature the 1 and 2 BHK property here is a delight. The sixth property from Kumar Properties is the Park Infinia that is available in 2 and 3 BHK options and located in Phursungi. Its 41 acres of sprawling land makes it's a value for money deal. Lush landscapes and aesthetic planning has indeed brought heaven on earth through number of new projects in Pune offered by Kumar properties. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

It’s Time for Luxury Living – 3 BHK Flats in Pune

It's a decade now; face of real estate in Pune has completely revived. With the changing trend and the high income groups, luxury living has become the taste of today's youth. Living at 3 bhk flats in Pune itself calls a luxury to life along with an array of unique designs and lifestyle amenities.
If you are planning for a permanent settlement in Pune and looking for a luxurious 3 BHK flat in Pune, then there are number of residential options available with different price ranges.
Princetown Royal
3 BHK flats in Pune at Princetown Royal NIBM road are royally designed especially for the people who love to lead a life like a King. While Kumar Pinakin at Mohan Nagar, Baner reflects the desires for spacious abodes, Kumar Princeville at Moshi is surrounded by Sahyadri hills giving life an entirely different lifestyle. These varied luxurious residences are elegantly designed and offered by one of the most known real estate companies in Pune, Kumar Properties to meet the basic requirement of today’s corporate world and individual needs.
Kumar Pinakin
Few of the high quality amenities provided at these projects are provisions for Wi-Fi connectivity, Cable TV, Gymnasium, Club house with multipurpose hall, jogging track with senior citizen sit outs, children play park, adequate parking space, swimming pool, party lawn, cricket pitch, basket ball court and the list goes on.
With regards to connectivity, Kumar Pinakin at Mohan Nagar connects easily to the developed areas like Baner, Aundh, Hinjewadi, Wakad, Pashan and  Mumbai–Bangalore highway. While Kumar Princeville at Moshi, located on the industrial belt enjoys a great connectivity to Pimpri Chinchwad, Chakan, Dehu road, Talegaon, Mumbai-Pune highway and Pune Nashik highway. Princetowm Royal at NIBM Rd is closely located to Pune Railway Station, Bus Depot, International Airport, Camp, Magarpatta and Pune Solapur highway.
Meticulously planned maintaining the aesthetics of utility, the rooms offered at these 3 BHK flats in Pune are spacious and well illuminated with comfort, thus giving a feel of living at an imperial house.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Experience the Conventional Living - at the Smart Inventories Offered at Hadapsar

Located on Pune-Solapur highway, Hadapsar has seen massive development in terms of commercial and residential sector. With so many apartments for sale in Pune, flats in Hadapsar have witnessed attention of the home buyers in recent times.

There are popular medical facilities providing good medications, the best kinds of schools, day care crèche and higher educational institutions delivering quality education in the vicinity. Along with popular eating joints, there are high end shopping malls and multiplexes to hang around at Amanora town center, Phoenix market city, Inorbit Mall, Season’s mall etc. Well equipped with the basic necessities, local grocery market and departmental stores are just within a reach.  All the leading bank branches along with their ATM centers can be found at very short intervals. 

Kumar Picasso
Situated at such an advantageous location of Pune, the flats in Hadapsar are considered as one of the most profitable places resulting in a most preferred residential and investing choice for the end users.

Due to such drastic development and heavy demand for luxurious homes, the builders are making it a point to come up with the best kind of residences here. Along with a very high architectural quality, premium amenities and specifications, the infrastructure development plays a crucial role in determining the significance of this place. 

Celebrating natural beauty along with modern technology, Kumar Pebble Park at Handewadi Hadapsar offers 2 BHK apartments and Kumar Picasso at Hadapsar offers 2 and 3 BHK premium residences. Clubbed with private gardens, beautiful open spaces, exquisite landscaping, green verandahs with senior citizen sit-outs, multipurpose functional halls, gymnasium and more, one can enjoy high class living at these modern, stylish and futuristic homes.

Developed by Kumar Properties – a reputed construction company in Pune, one can experience conventional living at these flats in Hadapsar and enjoy good returns on their investments (ROI).

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Experience a Complete Lifestyle at Kumar Residences

Trend of residential apartments in Pune along with ultra modern amenities and premium specifications is rising day by day. The home buyers have become smarter than earlier. They expect good value for their investments in future, for which they are even ready to pay large sum of money. Therefore, before buying an apartment, homebuyers look for a residence along with the luxurious amenities and premium specification offered in the premises.

Kumar Picasso
Along with better connectivity, the major selling USPs for the residential schemes are the projects that are providing high end lifestyle amenities right from a Yoga & Meditation Center to Banquet Hall, Library and Lounges. The foremost reason for such residential demand is to maintain a high standard of living. Staying in a gated community or at an independent residential space with such superior amenities has become a status symbol of today. Moreover, due to busy lifestyle, people hardly get time to mingle with other people in the vicinity. Such kind of amenities gives one a chance to have a good social life.

Along with a range of finest living amenities, these residential apartments in Pune provide one with a good community and stable life. Well-equipped with daily necessities, such residential destinations make life more comfortable and convenient. One can sense a complete lifestyle with the high standard specifications offered at the residence.

Kumar Prithvi
Residential projects by Kumar Properties – a trusted name in the real estate industry operational since five decades now has provided the fabulous array of residential apartments in Pune. Kumar Picasso and Kumar Prithvi are two of those residential projects that comprises of luxurious 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Hadapsar and Marketyard Annexe respectively. While Kumar Picasso is an architectural masterpiece along with top of line amenities and specifications, one gets to experience a best of community living at Kumar Prithvi.

Reflecting the various colors of excellence, both the projects meet the eligibility of daily requirements. Drenched into tranquility, these residences are a unique blend of serene and social life.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore and plan your site visit to these residential communities today! For more details logon to

Friday, 19 September 2014

Secure your Money Today by Investing in Phursungi and Handewadi

The growth in Pune’s real estate is certainly due to the IT professionals. Combined with rich social infrastructure, developers in Pune have witnessed robust infrastructure development. Hadapsar-Handewadi Road and Phursungi, are the most popular and upcoming residential destinations. Affordable housing along with close proximity to established localities such as Magarpatta, SP Infocity, Camp etc, 24 hours water supply and easy connectivity to entertainment zone, shopping malls, renowned hospitals and education institutions are some of the reasons why these locations has become so popular.

The Central Business Districts of Pune is only at 30 minutes drive away. Hadapsar is just 4 kms away from here. While Magarpatta city is located just 10 mins away from Pebble Park and SP Infocity is hardly 5 mins from Park Infinia. Also, where the places like NIBM Road, Camp, and Hadapsar-Katraj bypass takes 10 – 15 mins to reach, Pune railway station is just 20 minutes drive from here. Therefore, this proves that people have an easy access to the social infrastructure. Along with ultra modern amenities and premium specifications offered at Park Infinia and Pebble Park, these residential projects enhance the beauty of the homes adding comfort and happiness to one’s life.

Park Infinia
 Those who work in the IT and commercial set ups at Magarpatta and SP infocity prefer to live at these surrounding locations. Earlier in Grampanchayat, the area has recently made its move in Pune Corporation. With the reasonable flat prices in this part of town as compared to other localities of Pune, the area comprises of 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK’s. While the area in sqfts for 1 BHK ranges from 500 to 700 sq. fts, 2 BHK and 3 BHK flat areas ranges between 900 sq. ft. to 1100 sq. ft. and 1000 to 1400 sq. fts. respectively. The present buying rate in this part of town is Rs 3,600/- to 4,500/- per sq ft. If rented out, 1 BHK gives Rs 8000/-, 2 BHK gives 10,000/- to 12,000/- and 3 BHK pays around 15000/-. 2 BHK flats in Pune are the most supplied and demanded at these locations.

Kumar Pebble Park
Operational since 48 years, Kumar Properties – the most reputed real estate developer in Pune offers one with the best of living experience at their premium residential projects. Park Infinia Phase III (new launch) at Phursungi and Pebble Park at Handewadi-Hadapsar offers spacious and smartly designed 2 BHK flats in Pune along with the luxurious amenities.

All in all, these residences are the unique blend of comfort, convenience, energy, safety and security. So, get more details on and plan a trip to these premium localities today!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wadgaon Sheri – An Upcoming Premium Residential Destination

Are you looking to buy a lavish flat in Pune at a premium location along with a high class neighborhood? However, you doubt that the same would not fit your budget? Then, Wadgaon Sheri, an upcoming and fastest growing residential destination in Pune offers the apartments that are as good as Koregaon Park fitting your pocket. The area is located off Mundhwa Nagar Bypass, just few minutes’ drive from Koregaon Park.

Being in Gram Panchayat for a longer time, Wadgaon Sheri was popularly known as an industrial hub earlier. Now since the location is included in Pune Corporation, it enjoys all the benefits offered in PMC limits and is also gaining popularity amongst the buyers.

A premium residential destination, Koregaon Park is already saturated with luxurious residences. Hence the nearby locations are being explored by renowned builders in Pune. That‘s how Wadgaon sheri comes into limelight. Along with good public infrastructure, the area falls within a 5 - 6 km periphery of Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, Kalyani Nagar, Hadapsar, Kharadi and Camp.

Inorbit mall, Phoenix market city, Seasons Mall, Amanora Town Centre are few of the places closeby for entertainment and shopping with friends and family. Also the area is in the close vicinity to the IT Parks namely Cerebrum, Eon and Magarpatta.  A 15 – 20 minutes drive from Pune Airport and Railway Station, the area has a peaceful environment with a lot of greenery.

Now, with so many better prospects on its side, there is no doubt, that the place is the rapidly developing with all facilities that are required for leading a modern urban lifestyle. Amongst the number of fabulous residential projects offered at this location, Kumar Primavera is one of the best choices. Developed by Kumar Properties who believes in delivering the best of lifestyle to its customers, Primavera is sure to satisfy your search for a perfect home.

At Primavera, you would find these beautiful and stylish residential apartments in the configuration of 995 sq. ft, 1093 sq. ft., 1041sq. ft. and 1065 sq. ft. Falling in the midst of Kalyani Nagar and Kharadi, this residential scheme is an excellent combination of exciting and active city life featuring the range of high end amenities.

So to take an informed decision, logon to today OR plan your site visit.

Friday, 12 September 2014

What Will You Consider While Buying an apartment in Pune?

Whether you are a bachelor or a married person with a beautiful family of four or more, there always comes a point once in lifetime, where one decides to buy a home. Here’s the guide, one should always consider before purchasing apartments in Pune.

Location is the most important. Office, hospitals, daily essentials market place, good schools, day care crèche facilities, entertainment zone, personal care centers, shopping complexes etc. should be at close by locations and easily accessible from your home.

Safety and security matters a lot. Consider overall safety, right from the neighborhood locations to the security features within the residential complex. For instance, 24x7 security on the entrance and exit gate, CCTV cameras in the residential premises along with full lights in the lobbies and staircases. There should also be a facility of 24 hours power backup for the lifts and common lights. Safety door with security locks should be provided to your apartment along with video door phone.

Public transport for easy commuting. Even if you have your own vehicle for transportation, there can be a possibility that you would need a public transport at some point of time. So if the location has decent public transport facilities available, that could be a plus point for your property.

Good value for the money invested. Residential projects in Pune along with high end living amenities and good interior specifications provide high returns to the money invested.

So if you are on a house hunt and looking to buy an apartment in Pune, visit Kumar Properties residential projects - Primavera at Vadgaon Sheri, Kumar Picasso at Hadapsar & Kumar Palmcrest at Pisoli today!

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Palmcrest: Exclusive 2 BHK at Pisoli Giving A Best of Living

During the past few years, by asset of economic growth and agreeable environment, Pune has become the booming property destination. Also, amongst emerging property markets of India, buying and selling of the property is considered as the most profitable business in India. That is why more than dozens of manufacturers, producers, consultancy and finance companies of India have jumped into the field of property.

Residential properties in Pune have seen alluring market and mounting residential prices. Recently, Pune has also seen mass developments in residential plots, complexes and luxury apartments. Due to which, construction companies in Pune are coming up with the attractive townships in order to cater the demand of residential properties in Pune.

Such residential properties in Pune are now, just not limited to local level but have called the attention of the foreign investors. Especially NRI’s are keen on investing in residential properties in Pune to yield the maximum returns. Recently, Pisoli has catched the attention of most of the investors and buyers. Pisoli is situated closely to most of the renowned schools like Bishop, DPS, and ST Vincent. Located in a close proximity to Camp, Kondhwa, NIBM, Hadapsar along with a good connectivity to these locations, Pisoli is sure to offer good returns, if given a thought for investment purpose.

Palmcrest from Kumar Properties is one of the exclusive residential schemes at Pisoli amongst the other residential projects in Pune. Surrounded by natural scenic beauty, the project offers lovely 2 BHK’s along with all the contemporary amenities to make your life the best of living. Amongst the various construction companies in Pune, Kumar Properties is one of the trusted and renowned real estate developers in Pune to invest in.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Experience the luxury living at Park Infinia’s new launch- Phase III

Apart from the investment point of view, Home contains an emotional bonding that you share and cherish with your family. Due to the growing standard of living, a luxurious living home space has become today’s preferred choice. With such rising demand, for more stylish 2 and 3 bhk apartments in Pune, developers focus on providing comfortable living spaces along with ultra modern amenities. 

Upcoming projects in Pune are more inclined towards the standards of luxury and lavish living. Basically, a 2 bhk apartment in Pune, if comprised of large rooms provides more luxurious look to the apartment. Large rooms have a scope for doing good interiors. Those can be beautifully designed and decorated in the way you want. 

Park Infinia- Phase III is such residential project that offers larger rooms, altogether giving a luxurious and stylish look to the flat. Finely enveloped inside the unlocked greeneries, one can lead a peaceful life completely in the lap of nature at Park Infinia – Phase III. Comprising of luxurious 2 BHK apartments in Pune, Park Infinia-Phase III comes in a complete new look.

With lot more upcoming projects in Pune, Phursungi is the fastest developing residential zone. Located off Pune-Sholapur Highway and in a close proximity to SP infocity, the place has a good connectivity to Hadapsar, NIBM, Mundhwa, Kharadi etc. Developed by one of the renowned builder of Pune, Kumar Properties speaks about Park Infinia as a blend of luxury living and a soothing environment. It is a perfect location for those who are hunting for a space close to the essential necessities of life.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Home That Reflects Your Lifestyle

It is always good to catch the latest trend of the market to match.  If you are planning to buy a home altogether with the luxurious living and ultramodern amenities, new residential apartments in Pune are up to the mark.

However, before finalizing the deal of such luxurious home, one must have a clear idea on the purpose of purchase. One should always check if the property has good transport connectivity to daily needs around. Also one should verify if it fits the budget, transport facility and other legal guidelines.

Buying luxurious flats in Wakad at Kumar Properties, one of the trusted names in the real estate industry is the best choice. With a good architecture and aesthetic designs, Piccadilly promises to give a lovely and peaceful life. It is a concept of the home, planned in such a way that offers a stylish home with a good connectivity and fits the expected budget.

Kumar Piccadilly, flats in Wakad

Located at Wakad, this residential apartment in Pune offers 2, 2.5 and 3 bhk apartments along with ultra modern amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, club house, children’s park and many more. In a close proximity to Wakad, it has quick access to Pune – Mumbai Highway. Also the place has a very good connectivity to the Balewadi stadium, Aundh, Baner, Pashan, Chandni Chowk etc. Shopping centers, entertainment zone etc are within your reach from here. Wakad is also surrounded by the good educational institutes like IIMM, Indira College, and JSPM, that makes the place, a home for most of the students.

So enjoy life at your convenience and live peacefully at Kumar’s Piccadilly.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Hadapsar - On the Rise - Demand for Real Estate Projects in Pune

If you are looking for the real estate projects in Pune and that too around IT hub, then Hadapsar would be the finest option. Whether for investment or a residential purpose, locking the money for apartments in Hadapsar will prove a best bet for making property investment here.

Strategically located on Pune-Solapur Highway, Hadapsar is in close proximity to the old Central Business Districts of the city. With a good connectivity to Nagar Road, MG Road comes at around 6-7 kms from here. Magapatta city, which is a home for around 21 IT companies, Hadapsar falls at a distance of about 5 kms.  

Due to its close proximity to IT hub-Magarpatta, residential apartments in Hadapsar has seen increasing demand by IT professionals. Also, due to the affordable prices compared to other neighborhood areas like Magarpatta, Fatima Nagar and Camp, real estate projects in Pune at Hadapsar has become a hotspot for investment. In close vicinity are the schools like Bishops and DPS. Also, the area is connected to malls through Hadapsar-Nagar road, such as Phoenix Market City, Amanora park town, Seasons Mall, Inorbit Mall, Reliance fresh mall, hospitals and hotels. Along with advantageous location, investing in Hadapsar is sure to offer good investment returns.
Kumar Properties, a popular name in Pune real estate offers a residential project named as Picasso at Hadapsar. Beautifully designed with modern elevations and ultra luxurious amenities, Picasso offers picture perfect 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Hadapasar making one's life dynamic. This is one of those real estate projects in Pune where the moment you enter that particular residential space, you will feel at home.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wadgaon Sheri- The Next Koregaon Park of Pune?

Wadgaon Sheri, which was a industrial hub for a long time, has seen massive development in the residential segment – flats in Pune in recent times. After remaining a Panchayat for many years, Wadgaon Sheri was brought within the PMC limits which has led down the foundation of  development of infrastructure and facilities.

Located on Pune – Nagar Road & in vicinity of premium neighborhood of Viman Nagar and Kalyani Nagar, Wadgaon Sheri is rapidly growing as a real estate destination. The area is ideally surrounded by major malls like Inorbit, Phoenix Market City, IT Parks like EON IT Park, Gigaspace and Magarpatta city. A 10 minute drive from Pune Airport and 20 minutes from Pune Railway Station, the area is becoming the most convenient and preferred destination. Looking at all the better prospects in terms of commercial and residential, of the total existing supply of flats in Pune, real estate developers in Pune have cashed in on a rising demand for resale and ready to move flats in this part of town. Therefore strong demand for rental apartments in future is also being preempted.

With an easy access to all the routine necessities, along with luxury living, Kumar Primavera is one of the most popular properties in Wadgaon Sheri. It offers premium 2 & 3 BHK apartments. These elegantly designed apartments are a creation by Kumar Properties, one of the trusted real estate developers in Pune. Kumar Primavera offers up market suburban lifestyle along with the basic amenities like gymnasium, clubhouse, swimming pool, lush green garden and the market along with the entertainment hang outs nearby. These flats in Pune are a wonderful property to live in with a great location in the lap of nature.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New apartments in Pune – Increasingly Becoming Community Oriented

Most of the people majorly look for new apartments in Pune that are close to the city with all the convenience and good neighbourhood. Despite of space constraint in the city areas, builders in Pune are now coming up with the projects that offer comfortable living and peace of mind even in the city crowd.

At a distance of 15 to 20 minutes from the interiors of the city areas - Camp, Pune railway station, Katraj, Kondhwa, Swargate, Bibwewadi etc, Kondhwa is one of the real estate hotspots of Pune. With so many ongoing projects in Kondhwa, Kumar Properties – a well-known real estate company has come up with a project that stands out. It offers premium lifestyle residential apartments with all necessary amenities. These new apartments in Pune offer a relaxing lifestyle even in the chaos of the city.

Facilitating easy access to all modern day urban lifestyle requirements like hospitals, entertainment zones, reputed educational institutes, shopping malls etc, and this uniquely designed project in Pune is within everybody’s reach. With the amenities like beautiful landscaped garden and well-equipped clubhouse, Kumar Prithvi offers 2 & 3 bedroom apartments so that one can enjoy the experience of living here. Being one of the most reputed builders in Pune, Kumar Properties has come with a project which truly depicts its legacy.

With around 300 happy families already living and experiencing the desirable lifestyle offered at Kumar Prithvi’s Phase I, you can experience the same community living and calm environment at Kumar Prithvi Phase II new apartments in Pune too. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Moshi- The Preferred Residential Location for Industrial Professionals

Pune apartments majorly include 2 BHK flats keeping in mind the comfortable living for a family of four with the convenience to day-to-day basic requirements. Coping up with such residential demand, New projects are launched by reputed builders in Moshi. This is an increasingly preferred real estate destination for industrial professionals and otherwise in Pune for a number of reasons.

As most of us are aware of that Moshi is being proposed to have an international exhibition centre. It falls in the industrial vicinity of Pimpri-Chinchwad, Chakan, Chikhali and Bhosari. Being an MIDC area employment here is at par and due to this Moshi is now getting crowded as a home for these industrial employees. Keeping in mind easy access to all such necessary facilities like shopping, hospital, entertainment, education, banks and transport, that makes life more convenient, builders are coming up with different concepts and designs in their properties.

Today, to fulfill the need of living for a family of four, Pune apartments are much in demand. Especially 2 BHK flats in Pune are the major requirement of the industrial professionals located in this industrial belt. Understanding this need of the hour, Kumar Properties - one of the popular & most trusted real estate developers in Pune, has come up with thoughtfully and comfortably designed 2 BHK apartments at Moshi.

Located around 9.5 kms away from Pimpri Chinchwad and 2 kms off Pune-Nashik highway, Kumar Princeville project is loacated at Moshi. Offering a quality lifestyle, Kumar Princeville pleases one and all with its gratifying architecture and modern designs. These Pune apartments are sure to capture the imagination of citizens looking for the homes in this part of industrial zone of Pune at once.

Set in the vicinity of most of the renowned industrial companies, Kumar Princeville offers 3 and 2 BHK apartments in Pune with all the modern amenities including a children’s play park, lovely landscaped garden, resourceful clubhouse and swimming pool, making one’s life worth living. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Why Invest in Phursungi, the Fastest Growing Area in Pune

Phursungi is located off Pune-Solapur Highway, situated in close proximity to Hadapsar, Mundhwa, Kharadi, Wanowrie and Undri, has witnessed increased demand for 2 BHK in Pune. Also due to the SP Infocity (IT SEZ) - the IT hub located in Phursungi, it is now becoming the preferred location for the investors interested in buying & investing in any of those apartments in Pune.

With home buyers getting increasingly aware and demanding, smartly designed spacious 2 BHK apartments in Pune is a major demand of today's young generation. If invested in such kind of property and leased out as a paying guest or to a family, it will surely make for a good investment. Also, if you wish to sell a property after holding it for few years, then definitely you are going to benefit from good returns out of it.
Focusing on the demand of today's young generation, Kumar Properties – one of the reputed construction companies in Pune has developed a project named Park Infinia at Phursungi. Spread across 41 acres of lush green layout, Park Infinia offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK in Pune to satisfy the requirement of today’s youth.

Park Infinia gives the best of living experience, along with all the modern amenities. These apartments in Pune are certain to provide one with all the comfort, convenience, energy security & space in a home. Kumar Properties with its nearly 5 decade experience has created a gem of a project where you find 2 BHK and 3 BHK in Pune promising a lifestyle home buyers  have always desired.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Pune Real Estate Projects: Focusing on Growth

The money being invested on Pune real estate projects is ever increasing by the day as a result
of the growth of the city. For example, someone who invests in an area like Wadgaon Sheri in
Pune can see both growth and experience an upmarket urban lifestyle. This advantage is
guaranteed even in certain other areas of this city too. However, handpicking the right one
decides the luck factor that contributes to the growth.

Choosing fast developing areas is the key here and smart buyers ideally choose fast developing
areas. Of course, developed areas are always better and if affordability permits, going for them
would be perfect. But one should always look at the saturation point of growth too, as that
decides how soon one can get benefits out of real estate investment portfolio.

Increasing Demand for 2 BHK in Pune

When one wants to see 2 BHK apartments in Pune, starting the process from Wadgaon Sheri
would surely payoff. Everything in this sought after area speaks volumes about growth and
development. When it comes to the lifestyle and the convenience there, a good place to start
with would be Kumar Primavera. Some places develop and progress faster than other areas and
real estate investments would depend upon the choice. Correct estimation of the potential of
the areas is the key to understanding good Pune real estate projects. But a builder with
integrity is the one who must be sought when there are so many choices for the prospective

Kumar Properties has been a major and the most trusted player in Pune real estate since
decades. That explains why they are not here to make a quick buck and move on. Some Pune
real estate projects have the potential to change lives. Kumar Primavera at Wadgaon Sheri is one of them.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Here’s How to Make your 2 BHK in Pune Look Ravishing

Be it a 4 BHK by one of the top builders in Pune or a modest 2 BHK in Pune, one thing we love to do is to decorate our homes. We seek to incorporate elements in our homes which reflect what we as individuals are.  So what are such trends in interior designing for year 2014? We take a look.

Fabulous Fabrics
Routine fabrics are a passé. Rich fabrics like luxurious velvet, suede and even textured corduroy can make a simple room look gorgeous. These are classy yet durable and can go well with darker color schemes in vogue in 2014.

Vintage Winners
We are sometimes rushing too much into the future and embracing the ultra modern. But there are still interior designer and homeowners who can swear by the charm of vintage pieces. It could be anything- a dagger your grandfather or great grandfather might have used, an heirloom watch or an antique painting. That is what adds that zing to your (possibly) plain interiors. Such pieces make guests stand up and take notice of your 2 BHK in Pune.

Match or No?
Matching everything is not really always the key to make a room look beautiful. Harmonious colours need not match and this applies to pattern finishes and textures too. Experiment, play with a variety colors, textures and finishes.

Meet the Metal
Mixing and matching metals such as silver and gold, according to experts is a great idea to give home interiors of your 2 BHK in Pune a unique look.

Now these and more trends can definitely help in giving your interiors a smashing look. And when it is a 2 BHK in Pune or a 3 BHK at Kumar Pinakin, it is easier to make it beautiful. These apartments by one of the best builders in Pune - Kumar Properties are well conceived and designed. A great location and state-of-the-art lifestyle amenities for maximum convenience and comfort of residents are just a couple of things where Kumar Pinakin scores over others.