Thursday, 23 January 2014

Seeking luxurious home in Pune? Some Things to Consider!

Thinking of spending some big bucks on a luxurious residence in Pune? Here are some things to ponder over!
  1. Local Expert help is essential to find the right home. According to experts, access to high end properties becomes easy with a local agent.
  2. Avoid drooling over photographs of the house. They could be deceptive. Sometimes really lavish homes may not be camera friendly. Search the property and vicinity on Google Earth so you can see what’s nearby, is what experts advice.
  3. A broker or realtor’s personal connections are important. Some properties go unlisted to protect seller’s privacy. That is where the broker’s personal connections matter.
  4. Are you ready to live in a house, which for some can be a palace? Buying a sprawling villa or an estate comes with its emotional, social repercussions. Be prepared for what people think of you.
  5. Compromises may be required when you move to a more lavish house. You may have to let go of walks around neighbourhood or perhaps even the adorable burger joint by the corner.
  6. Having enough finances may be a good idea before you go check a luxurious home. You might be required to prove you have money even to see properties.
  7. Documenting everything is essential. High end market involves more scrutiny.
  8. Finally, the core considerations remain the same whether it is a 2 BHK or a 6-room villa. Inspect energy efficiency, ventilation, structural integrity and foundation to make sure it’s a sound house with good quality materials.

If you are aspiring for luxurious 3 BHK apartments in Pune, then Princetown Royal in Undri is the place to be. An endeavour by Kumar Properties, Princetown Royal boasts of finest lifestyle amenities & interiors. It has been planned and designed along a linear 8 acre landscape spine and exudes a royal charm in every aspect. Check out these apartments in Undri!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Want to Stay Fit? Stay in a Brand New Residential Project in Pune

Well, the title might seem to be slightly incredulous. You were perhaps expecting name of a gym or a health tip. But, the fact is that new properties in Pune are giving you a chance to stay fit. Off late, new apartments in Pune by reputed developers come with a host of lifestyle amenities, most prominent being for recreation and health, due to the rising demand.

Reasons for Emphasis on Health Amenities
Erratic work schedules, sedentary lifestyles and desk work are a part of life in suburban, cosmopolitan India. As a result, you have to really make an effort to stay fit. Hitting the gym or jogging at unearthly hours is done religiously by those who are really are fitness conscious. Lack of easy availability of spaces and facilities for physical activity is one of the major factors deterring people from pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Imagine coming home at 12 midnight. It is not possible to go to a gym that time, unless it is in your home. Physical activity also becomes imperative to keep your mind in top shape and release stress.

What new Projects are Offering

Considering the health requirements of quintessentially suburban homebuyers, many well known developers in Pune are offering a wide array of fitness amenities. That’s where they score brownie points. Homebuyers need not take extra effort to go for a jog or workout. For instance, project Pebble Park by Kumar Properties in Hadapsar offers a range of fitness amenities. They include facilities for table tennis, Yoga/Aerobics, swimming pool, cricket pitch, tennis, basketball court and more. With so many options, if you are not fond of swimming, there is always the basketball court! These apartments in Hadapsar also offer a well equipped gymnasium. Fitness enthusiasts can be rest assured that they will be in great shape staying at Pebble Park! 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Kid on the Block in Pune Real Estate - Moshi in PCMC

Just like when a senior player retires leaving a room for newcomers, saturation of space in main areas of Pune are giving way to residential development on the outskirts. Wakad, Undri, Wagholi, Hinjewadi and Baner-Balewadi are some of the current hotspots in the outskirts of Pune. Moshi is another area which is coming up rapidly along with these! What is it about Moshi? We find out!

The Place
Moshi lies in the heart of Pimpri-Chinchwad Township. Situated at the intersection of Pune-Nashik (NH 50) road and Dehu-Alandi Road, it is close to Bhosari and Chakan industrial belt. Popular pilgrimage destination Alandi is within 10 km from Moshi.

The Deal
Moshi, being an upcoming neighbourhood has reasonable real estate prices. According to experts, development of the area is inspired by planned city of Chandigarh. The roads can sustain high density for long period. Spine Road is one of the most popular areas in Moshi. The10-kilometer road connects two major highways. It also runs through Pimpri Chinchwad's industrial, residential and commercial areas.

The Perks
Moshi will be catapulted to a glamourous status, thanks to planned Pune International Exhibition and Convention Centre (PIECC), touted to be amongst Asia's biggest industrial convention centres. Economic activity in the area will be accelerated with that. Spread across 240-acre, the Centre is being developed by the Pimpri-Chinchwad New Town Development Authority (PCNTDA). Likewise, the proposed Metro between Chakan and Moshi will be a catalyst for real estate market in Moshi.

Moshi, along with all this also offers a potential for capital appreciation. In 2012, prices in the locality appreciated by 25 %, as per real estate news reports. Kumar Princeville, a project by Kumar Properties is a fabulous option if you are seeking 2 BHK & 3 BHK apartments in Moshi, PCMC. Luxury, functionality and elegance come alive at Kumar Princeville for a perfect lifestyle! Consider Moshi as the next hottest real estate destination in Pune!  

Will it be a Cheer or Jeer for Indian Real Estate Market in 2014?

Looking at the unprecedented rise in prices one would imagine that all is hunky dory with real estate market in Pune and India. Well yes, even though the real estate sector seems to be a lucrative business and investment opportunity, currently, there are many factors influencing the market. How will 2014 augur for real estate in India? We take a look!

Slow and Steady
If not on a rampage, the sales have been steady. The good news though is that sales will not be stagnated. The increasing prices are a concern, though. That is being attributed to the sector being largely capital driven.

Profits, Viability Etc
According to a real estate portal, to get variable returns on investments for short-term profitability in 2014, expending on rentals, retail outlets and commercial avenues is the best option. Spending wisely and with discretion is the key to deal with real estate market in the future.

Determining Factors
Cautious spending and investment by buyers/investors is being voiced as a concern Pune real estate and in the overall market across the country. Likewise, Political uncertainty, liquidity issues and high interest rates are a few other factors which could have an impact on the market.

Pune Market
India’s real estate market till some time back was dominated by Mumbai Metropolitan Region and National Capital region. Soon enough it was saturated and markets like Pune and Bengaluru started being tapped by developers. There was a huge influx of funds in Bengaluru and Pune real estate. The cities witnessed about 20% price rise in 2012-13. That is even when their only factor driving real estate, IT sector, was sluggish.

Plus, the fact that Pune’s outskirts are developing rapidly, gives homebuyers a chance to own good quality suburban residences. So there is still hope, for those who are looking to buy apartments in Pune! Be on the lookout!

What Hadapsar Offers as a Residential destination For Buyers

From sprawling open and uninhabited areas to having its distinct, impressive skyline, Hadapsar has come a long way. Some of the best projects in Pune by reputed developers adorn Hadapsar. Hadapsar is just minutes away from Mundhwa, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Kharadi and other main areas in Pune. Pune Railway station and Airport too are a short drive away. With a slew of malls, hospitals, multiplexes and schools closeby, the infrastructure here is well developed. This is a proof enough of the fact that Hadapsar is one of the most preferred locations for buyers as well as developers. But what apart from these oft described factors makes Hadapsar even more attractive for home buyers?

Gliding Away
Hadapsar, as many of you reading this are aware is a host to a gliding centre. An undertaking of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Department, Government of India, this centre currently has 3 'Super Blanik L23' aircrafts - two-seater gliders (Sailplanes). If not gliding, then the open area is used for jogging, walking or for playing different sports. The flying operations at this gliding centre have been subsidized to encourage people to take up gliding.

Located on Saswad Road, near Hadapsar is the paragliding spot. If you are looking for adrenaline rush, this is where you have to be. This gliding spot is located at a height of 1000 feet above ground level. Likewise, para motoring from this point to flying club Hadapsar is something you should not miss.

Good Institutions
Buying a property in Hadapsar augurs well for your kids. There some good schools and college nearby. Some well known among these are P.D.E.A.'s College of Engineering, EuroSchool - Undri, Annasaheb Magar College, College of Engineering Hadapsar, Ayurvedic College, Jayawantrao Sawant College of Engineering and more.

A Few Other Things
Those who like visiting temples, there is the Theur temple, famous for its Chintamani Ganpati temple and Kanifnath temple. There is a nice hillock from where you can get beautiful view of Hadapsar neighbourhood.
These factors will certainly make it worth for you to buy an apartment in Hadaspar. The question arises where? Well, an excellent option is Kumar Picasso. It has plush 2 & 3 BHK apartments on offer, coupled with finest lifestyle amenities. The interiors are spacious, well lit and ventilated. Most of all, these apartments in Hadapsar have the promise of a reputed brand like Kumar Properties. This makes Hadapsar even more attractive for home buyers!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Why Baner is one of the Most Loved Localities by Buyers in Pune

There is no intrigue veiling the rise of Baner as one of the most preferred Pune real estate destinations. A number of aspects make Baner a top choice for developers in Pune. Here is an attempt to find out those aspects!

Strategic Location
To begin with, Baner is close to Hinjewadi, which houses the IT Park, with top IT and corporate companies setting shops there. Hence a lot of IT professionals prefer apartments in Baner. Mumbai-Pune Expressway, which has accelerated commercial activities in Pune, is close by. Another significant aspect it is located along the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway, connecting it to the silicon valley of India- Bengaluru. Likewise, Baner is close to Aundh, University, Pashan, Wakad and other key areas of Pune.

Very few neighbourhoods are self sufficient in civic infrastructure in Pune. Koregaon Park, Deccan, Senapati Bapat Road, Mundhwa and Baner are a few of those. In Baner, a short drive gets you to a good hospital, multiplex, restaurant, coffee shop, market or a good school.

Open Spaces and Greenery
Baner still has natural greenery and open spaces with silhouettes of Sahyadri Mountains entrancing home buyers. Yes, all this despite the constant construction activity by developers!

If you too have been bitten by the Baner bug while selecting a home, Kumar Pinakin at Mohan Nagar, by Kumar Properties is a practical option. This premium project offers 2 & 3 BHK luxury apartments in Pune.
Well lit and ventilated interiors, state of the art lifestyle amenities help score Kumar Pinakin over others. 

These apartments in Baner are surrounded by tranquility but are not cut off from the excitement of city life! This property in Baner proves that the concept of a dream house can turn into a reality!

Friday, 3 January 2014

What Would you Root for? A resale or Brand New apartment in Pune?

When it comes to apartments in Pune, the argument – resale or brand new has been there since the time we have had the argument egg first or chicken! But chicken apart, homebuyers today face this dilemma, big time. But hey, both of them have their pros and cons! Here is more!
Pros of a Resale Apartment
  • Save Money- Resale apartments in Pune are going to cost less than a swank new one, agree?
  • Move in Immediately – Unlike a new apartment, you can move in immediately in a resale apartment in Pune.
  • More space – The older residences are more spacious than their contemporary counterparts.
  • Infrastructure – It is most likely that the neighbourhood of the resale apartment would be well developed regards to social infrastructure and will have great connectivity with other parts of the city.
  • No delays & extra taxes – There is no delay or extra taxes like Vat while buying a resale apartment.
Pros of a New Apartment
  • Low maintenance – Doesn’t need an Einstein to gauge this, eh? A new apartment won’t require as much as maintenance or repair as the resale apartment in Pune.
  • Safety- New apartments are generally equipped with proper fire safety arrangements, unlike resale apartments in Pune.
  • Eco Friendly Construction – New construction technology has the scope for involving eco friendly and green construction techniques. This would not be a selling point of a pre-owned flat in Pune.
  • Personalize – When buying new apartment, you can choose flooring, design interiors and the likes.
  • Warranty – In a new apartment, at least for some period of time, the developer/builder will take care of the repair work, if any.
We have for now, smartly kept away the cons! But if you are planning to buy a swank new apartments in Pune, then do not miss out checking out Kumar Prithvi. That’s a landmark residential project by Kumar Properties, offering 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Market Yard annexe. These apartments are complimented with ready lifestyle amenities and a convenient location. So after all this, what is it going to be?! We wait for the verdict!

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Six Things on How to Buy a House for Amateurs

So you have decided to buy a house. Home buying tips are running thick and fast from friends, family, (not so family), etc. It is absolutely insane. But hey, friends and family exist basically to drive you crazy! Jokes aside, there are things which would need serious contemplation before you zero in on your oh-so-desired abode.

1. Clarity
Be clear about these aspects – what kind of a house are you looking for? Is it an apartment, a villa a row house or a bungalow? How loaded are you when it comes to moolah? Do you have any specific requirements? Answer these questions and you are almost there!

2. Think Long Term
See if you can picture yourself in the same house after say 8-10 years. This is a very important one among home buying tips!

3. Location and Neighbourhood
Are your neighbours going to be zapped like Simpsons or Flanders? Or the crazy family like the one in ‘Khichadi’, the popular TV show? Getting the hang of the location and neighbourhood is very crucial. Also see if all the things you need are close by. Make sure location you are targeting has a good network of roads and public transport.

4. Flexibility
This might seem insignificant amid the slew of tips for buyers looking for property. But flexibility when it comes to spaces and functionality is essential. For instance, an open-floor-plan-style home is a good option. Let the house grow with you.

5. Old or New?
While you think of how to buy a house, also see if you want to buy a new apartment or resale one.  Weigh the pros of resale against new apartments or vice versa and then decide.

6. Home Sweet Home
Finally, this is the last among tips for buyers looking for property.  Check if after stepping inside a property, you feel, this is it, and you are absolutely at ease there.

This is of course not the end of the road, there are a number of other points. But these tips regarding how to buy a house are hopefully good enough to get you started!

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