Thursday, 23 January 2014

Seeking luxurious home in Pune? Some Things to Consider!

Thinking of spending some big bucks on a luxurious residence in Pune? Here are some things to ponder over!
  1. Local Expert help is essential to find the right home. According to experts, access to high end properties becomes easy with a local agent.
  2. Avoid drooling over photographs of the house. They could be deceptive. Sometimes really lavish homes may not be camera friendly. Search the property and vicinity on Google Earth so you can see what’s nearby, is what experts advice.
  3. A broker or realtor’s personal connections are important. Some properties go unlisted to protect seller’s privacy. That is where the broker’s personal connections matter.
  4. Are you ready to live in a house, which for some can be a palace? Buying a sprawling villa or an estate comes with its emotional, social repercussions. Be prepared for what people think of you.
  5. Compromises may be required when you move to a more lavish house. You may have to let go of walks around neighbourhood or perhaps even the adorable burger joint by the corner.
  6. Having enough finances may be a good idea before you go check a luxurious home. You might be required to prove you have money even to see properties.
  7. Documenting everything is essential. High end market involves more scrutiny.
  8. Finally, the core considerations remain the same whether it is a 2 BHK or a 6-room villa. Inspect energy efficiency, ventilation, structural integrity and foundation to make sure it’s a sound house with good quality materials.

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