Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Five Things to Consider for Ensuring Secure & Safe Homes

Renowned builders in Pune know and understand very well, how important is safety for their customers. Going that extra mile to fulfill these requirements is common for the developers. However, there are some points which a home buyer should make sure of in the residential complex he or she is living. 

1. Noise is Bliss
A burglar alarm or panic alarm surely works in ensuring that help would be on way quickly in case of emergency. Having an alarm which is seen clearly and obviously outside the door can help deterring burglars from trying to get in. Ensure that the reception area of your residential complex has a proper alarm system.

2. Avoid Broadcasting              
This of course pertains to a particular household that if and when you are going on a vacation, avoid announcing it to almost the whole world! This can be an invitation for disaster.  

3. Light it Up
Make sure the complex you live in has well lit up lobby and reception areas, at any given hour. This applies to your home too. Whenever you are going out of town, with the home locked, lighting less used areas of your home and around it, acts as another deterrent for burglars as darkness is a great alibi for them.

4. Fire it up (the Alarm)
Any proper residential establishment ideally needs to have a fire alarm to ensure safety of the residents in case of fire.  It is essential for a private residence as well.

5. Being Watched
A CCTV surveillance system with access controlled entry and an alert security/reception desk is another feature which renowned builders in Pune or anywhere should provide for ensuring safety of the residents.

Kumar Pinakin, Baner is an ideal example of how safety arrangements at a residential complex should be. It has access controlled entrance with CCTV surveillance and intercoms connected with each residence. With luxurious 2 and 3 BHK apartments at a million dollar location, by a renowned brand like Kumar properties, no one can miss it.