Friday, 3 January 2014

What Would you Root for? A resale or Brand New apartment in Pune?

When it comes to apartments in Pune, the argument – resale or brand new has been there since the time we have had the argument egg first or chicken! But chicken apart, homebuyers today face this dilemma, big time. But hey, both of them have their pros and cons! Here is more!
Pros of a Resale Apartment
  • Save Money- Resale apartments in Pune are going to cost less than a swank new one, agree?
  • Move in Immediately – Unlike a new apartment, you can move in immediately in a resale apartment in Pune.
  • More space – The older residences are more spacious than their contemporary counterparts.
  • Infrastructure – It is most likely that the neighbourhood of the resale apartment would be well developed regards to social infrastructure and will have great connectivity with other parts of the city.
  • No delays & extra taxes – There is no delay or extra taxes like Vat while buying a resale apartment.
Pros of a New Apartment
  • Low maintenance – Doesn’t need an Einstein to gauge this, eh? A new apartment won’t require as much as maintenance or repair as the resale apartment in Pune.
  • Safety- New apartments are generally equipped with proper fire safety arrangements, unlike resale apartments in Pune.
  • Eco Friendly Construction – New construction technology has the scope for involving eco friendly and green construction techniques. This would not be a selling point of a pre-owned flat in Pune.
  • Personalize – When buying new apartment, you can choose flooring, design interiors and the likes.
  • Warranty – In a new apartment, at least for some period of time, the developer/builder will take care of the repair work, if any.
We have for now, smartly kept away the cons! But if you are planning to buy a swank new apartments in Pune, then do not miss out checking out Kumar Prithvi. That’s a landmark residential project by Kumar Properties, offering 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Market Yard annexe. These apartments are complimented with ready lifestyle amenities and a convenient location. So after all this, what is it going to be?! We wait for the verdict!

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