Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Want to Stay Fit? Stay in a Brand New Residential Project in Pune

Well, the title might seem to be slightly incredulous. You were perhaps expecting name of a gym or a health tip. But, the fact is that new properties in Pune are giving you a chance to stay fit. Off late, new apartments in Pune by reputed developers come with a host of lifestyle amenities, most prominent being for recreation and health, due to the rising demand.

Reasons for Emphasis on Health Amenities
Erratic work schedules, sedentary lifestyles and desk work are a part of life in suburban, cosmopolitan India. As a result, you have to really make an effort to stay fit. Hitting the gym or jogging at unearthly hours is done religiously by those who are really are fitness conscious. Lack of easy availability of spaces and facilities for physical activity is one of the major factors deterring people from pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Imagine coming home at 12 midnight. It is not possible to go to a gym that time, unless it is in your home. Physical activity also becomes imperative to keep your mind in top shape and release stress.

What new Projects are Offering

Considering the health requirements of quintessentially suburban homebuyers, many well known developers in Pune are offering a wide array of fitness amenities. That’s where they score brownie points. Homebuyers need not take extra effort to go for a jog or workout. For instance, project Pebble Park by Kumar Properties in Hadapsar offers a range of fitness amenities. They include facilities for table tennis, Yoga/Aerobics, swimming pool, cricket pitch, tennis, basketball court and more. With so many options, if you are not fond of swimming, there is always the basketball court! These apartments in Hadapsar also offer a well equipped gymnasium. Fitness enthusiasts can be rest assured that they will be in great shape staying at Pebble Park! 

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