Thursday, 1 May 2014

Luxury Brought by New Real Estate Projects in Pune

All the real estate projects in Pune claim to provide something unique to the prospective home buyer. But isn't that special touch imparted by the way we decorate our homes or set the furniture, for instance?  Even a single element like a chandelier or a painting can add that distinct touch to your home.

Yes, that painting or chandelier might not be a huge one, but it can definitely be something that will compliment the size of your living area. A chandelier plays with light and its design lights up the ambiance of your home. Under its influence even the most simplistic decor looks elegant and inviting. Entertain your friends under a chandelier and experience a royal banquet at home! Be it a residence in any of those real estate projects in Pune, these things can always make your home stand out from the rest! 

These small additions that will add panache to your home and make it your palace neither too outlandish nor expensive. Plush cushions, deep coloured curtains with stylish placeholders can be used or rugs can be placed stylishly to look like a disjoint carpet. Oversized cushions are an invitation to relax. Warm rugs in winter and cool rugs in summer are meant to keep you home!

But all of this takes on a new meaning, when homes are built with attention to detail which takes the meaning of excellence to quite another level. If this statement needs an example, then head to "Princetown Royal" at NIBM Road by Kumar Properties. You would find beautiful 3 BHK condominiums with attention to every detail and every feature to make sure the owners feel like royalty and live like one too. These high end residences feature the best of lifestyle amenities. Needless to say it is one of the most desirable real estate projects in Pune. 

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