Monday, 23 December 2013

Pune Real Estate - Hot and Happening for Investment by NRIs

The past few years have seen NRIs loaded with moolah make a bee line for buying a property in Pune. These expats even though have investment as the key motive, making the motherland their home once again is another important purpose of buying a property. All the hype and hoopla about real estate in India affected by economic meltdown notwithstanding, the industry has held its own to a large extent. That brings us to what makes Pune real estate attractive for investment by NRIs? We elaborate.

  • Connectivity and infrastructure are developing in Pune at a decent speed. Thus, better value appreciation for the properties in the city is achieved. Therefore Pune as an investment destination ensures better returns
  • Pune is one of the top cities in the country and is second best in Maharashtra, with significant commercial and industrial development. So the demand for housing is increasing in the city. Due to this increased demand for properties in Pune, prices have gone up, improving value appreciation. This has attracted NRI investors to Pune.
  • Another unique aspect of Pune real estate market alluring especially for NRIs is the array of options within residential properties in Pune. From the modest 2 BHK to row houses and penthouses or even designer residences and branded homes, you get everything.
  • Regular property expos have provided a lot of exposure and information to the NRIs interested
  • The pleasant climate coupled with a rich cultural and historical legacy and proximity to Mumbai makes real estate in Pune attractive
  • NRIs can avail home loans from NHB-approved Indian financial institutions
In spite of all this, experts in the field suggest that when it comes to Pune real estate and properties in Pune, being cautious is important. That is because the investors/buyers are going to give in their hard earned money and all the real estate developers may not have a clean track record. Invest safely and wisely! Till next time, all the best!

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