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Are you having plans to make a property purchase? What kind of a property type are you in search of?
Having questions regarding what are  freehold properties? Let us help you find the answers to your queries, and know what are the forms of ownership of a property!

Legally, there are two forms of ownership. Those are freehold and leasehold. Although, there are different perception about spending on a home, that would be worth buying, and the ones that are not. People who are unaware of these facts, eventually make blunders while buying a property.

What is a freehold property?

Having a freehold property means, that you are the owner of the building, and the land on which it is standing. The land is registered by your name as “freeholder”. Having a freehold property is the most preferred option, where the chances of committing mistakes are very less.

  • You will not be paying yearly rent
  • You are not answerable to anyone for maintenance of the building and, you don’t have to pay to anyone extra amount
  • You are responsible for the roof maintenance or wall paints as needed
  • Complete houses are often sold out as freehold properties

With a clear information on what freehold property refers to, you may now have a well thought approach for making a new property purchase. What else could have been more better, than to have a home under your authority! You don’t have to worry about making payments for maintenance, and service charges laid by somebody else in a property that is given on lease to you, over the freehold property? For people, who are in search of properties just for investing or buying a new home, can refer to the various projects of the builders, and developers in Pune.

We shall answer some of the other questions regarding the forms of ownership in our upcoming blog. Till then, stay connected.

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