Thursday, 12 March 2015

Benefits of buying a property directly from the builder

Speaking of best real estate deals in Pune it is indeed hard to give projects by Kumar properties a miss! The group in its fifth decade of presence in real estate sector has earned the pioneer status for itself across construction segments. Backed up with a strong team of experts the developments made by the group have indeed been a witness to the test of time. Kumar properties have considered 27,000 satisfied and happy families as their brand ambassadors and their true strength. Be it a commercial property or a residential property, Kumar Properties deliver all with equal finesse.

Projects by Kumar Properties - Pune
With over one million sq.ft sold annually by the group, it is indeed pretty evident that Kumar Properties tops the list in Pune’s real estate segment. Apart from superior quality work, the group also ensures that it stands by their words with timely project completion and personalized service offerings. Property developers are often responsible for obtaining all the necessary permits like - Putting sewerage in place, plotting building lots as well as obtaining electrical lines. Providing water supply and roads leading to the project is also their responsibility, hence you get to be miles away from this mess.

Speaking of some of the advantages of buying a property from builder or a developer the following cannot be missed –

  • As a buyer you have one point of contact thereby allowing for more accurate completion estimates.
  • There’s no confusion about roles and responsibilities. Not only does the buyer know who to contact, a builder/developer also knows they’re responsible for every step of the process.
  • There’s a single vision for the property. When a developer knows they are going to be building and selling the properties, it’s often easier to make decisions about planning, architecture and even landscaping.
  • There are fewer delays in building because some tasks can be done in tandem when the same company is doing the both the developing and construction.
  • A developer/builder takes a long-term, holistic view of the investment allowing cost-savings passed on to the buyer.

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  1. Nice article and very helpful indeed for the property buyers. Thank you Kumar Properties for posting this informative blog.