Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Factors which Help you Choose the Best Location for Pune Property

The fact that location is one of the most important considerations before buying a house is no rocket science. But should proximity to all the basic needs be the only consideration for a home buyer? We find out.

Think of picking a neighbourhood which is most in sync with your lifestyle and personality. Choose a neighbourhood where you are likely to get along with neighbours and you are comfortable. Also ponder over a location where places you frequent like grocery store, are close by.

Work and School Proximity
If you have children or plan to have, a location where you have reputed schools nearby is a good idea. If the school is slightly far off, then at least make sure that it is easily accessible by public or private transport.

Safety is an extremely crucial consideration when zeroing in on a location. In an area where you don’t get those safe vibes, it is better to reconsider. A home in a neighbourhood with a higher crime rate will also not get you a good resale value. Plus, for a family with kids and senior citizens it is all the more important that the neighbourhood is safe.

You would not want to travel for hours to go to cinema or a gym or a playground. Having leisure activities close by is another major consideration while finalizing a location- be it restaurants, lounges or swimming pools. Researching a bit about the neighbourhood and checking it out especially at night is a good idea. Kumar Panchsheel, off Pune-Satara Road, at Padmavati is a perfect example of a residential venture with an ideal location. It offers 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments in a serene yet developed neighbourhood with the finest lifestyle amenities and interior specifications. These apartments near Satara Road promise a peaceful & comfortable life.

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